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Up until 2012, Sumo Cyco had created a strong fanbase with seven amazing music videos. With their debut album creeping up quickly, the Lost in Cyco City saga made them go back to the drawing board and bring their audience something even bigger.

Now set in one pseudo-storyline, that evolves with each song, Sumo Cyco have proven that while their budget might be a little bigger, they continue to be as resourceful as ever, be it in ideas, wardrobe, scenery, you name it, they thought of it.

With shorter songs, this means there is a rather limited time to explore each concept properly. And while it's done in a brilliant fashion, there is a feeling more could have been done and shown.
However, quality is never compromised, on the contrary: it's upgraded into a whole new level.

It all starts with The Ugly...

The first signs that there is more budget, is the video quality. Things have transitioned from full fledged amateur to semi-pro and there is a noticeable conception that better directing and camera techniques have been learnt.

Visual effects are taken up a notch too. That open door that gushes Sever out takes quite a bit of doing! What a way to start!

Children of Corn meets Sumo Cyco, in a blend that someone would probably only be imagined in comic book form. Or so the video itself hints us.

Go Go Go brings back the pure fun side of their videos, while keeping a solid sub-storyline.

Bringing back everything we loved from pre-Lost in Cyco City, Cry Murder is a homage to themselves in full HD glory. Simplistic, gruesome but overall, fun. The best of Sumo Cyco from beginning to end.

Full of the best long-shot sequences in a music video, Brave only sins in feeling a little out of place when compared with everything done up until this moment. Regardless, still an interesting turn of direction from the group that only impresses, one way or another.

Fighter is Sumo Cyco's version of what is usually an obvious choice for low-budget video: The beat 'em up videogame.

While it took them quite a long while to actually pick this, it feels like the best moment to do it. And we get to know what downtown Cyco City looks like!

Fans of Power Rangers will feel the nostalgia and what a wonderful feeling that is!

Probably my favorite of the whole saga, Like a Killer continues the videogame concept started in the previous chapter and puts it into a new perspective.

Somehow, this one feels very different from everything else done until now, mainly the band sequences. Not sure if it's the quality, the performance, the wardrobe or all of the above. Fact is, Like a Killer is, personally, their best music video.

And while there is a "To be continued..." notice at the end of the video, released past November, the only word about Sumo Cyco is their PledgeMusic campaign for the second album (that I can hardly wait for!).

After watching this whole videography, it comes to mind: Maybe Sumo Cyco should put music aside for a minute and dedicate themselves to making a proper movie. They have the resources, the energy and the creativity, so why not? Talent like this isn't seen everyday and someone willing to push boundaries like they have are rarely seen.

Or how about doing what My Chemical Romance kinda succeeded with The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys? Although it got mixed reviews, it did however expand a universe previously set in their concept album of the same title.

I really hope this band continues investing in the creation of bigger and better music videos (or any other media actually). It's been nearly five years since Mercy and so much has evolved.

These are truly the ones to watch people!

Tell me what was your favorite video from the Lost in Cyco City saga and share your thoughts in the comment section.


What's your favorite Lost in Cyco City music video?


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