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With Marvel know owning (or being able to use) Spider-Man on their movies, we finally may get some good spider-man tales, brought to the big screen. Here's my idea for a possible (but unlikely) Trilogy.

1. The Spectacular Spider-man:
1. The Spectacular Spider-man:

After the events of Civil war, Spider-Man is now in the eyes of the public. Some people love the Friendly Neighborhood Wall Crawler, others not so much, After a failed hunt of Black Panther, Kraven feels defeated and returns to New York. Upon hearing news of The Spider-man, Kraven picks his next pray.

why it works: Its Spiderman's first marvel movie, he deserves a relitivly known villain but one we havent seen on screen.

2. Spider-man & Blade vs. Morbius:
2. Spider-man & Blade vs. Morbius:

Morbius is attacking people. Spider-man attempts to stop him right off the bat before but is defeated and injured. Spider-man is out of commission for some time and is forced to return to action when Blade attempts to murder Morbius and kills an innocent bystander. Theres a short fight between Blade and Spider-man. With it being fairly matched but Spider-man outsmarting blade and coming out on top. Spider-man then teams up with Blade to stop Morbius.

why it works: Re-introducing Blade to the Big screen is difficult but important. A solo movie is risky and wve already seen three blade movies, so i think a superhero team up would work

3. The superior Spider-man

Ending off Spider-man's Triology with a faithful and almost exact adaptation of The Superior Spider-man

Why it works: Its weird, like really weird. You have dock ock becoming peter parker and Spider-man While the real peter is left rotting in doc ocks body. Also it has a happy ending with Spider-man's Greater good overcoming Dock ock and allowing peter to have his body back


Would you like to see these movies brought to the big screen?


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