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I am a huge fan of comics
Alex Frankel

Most X Men fans would want the next Wolverine move to be an adaptation of Old Man Logan . But as this is Hugh Jackmans last time that he is playing Wolverine and they killed off Wolverine in the comics, I think Hugh Jackmans last Wolverine movie should be and adaptation of 2014s Death of Wolverine and I think Fox should kill him of.

What should Happen after Wolverine 3

After Wolverine 3, I think we should have a female X 23 Wolverine to take his place, like in the comics as Fox needs it own female Superhero movie. She should first appear in Fox's X Force movie.

When should a male Wolverine return

I think a male Wolverine should return after Fox makes a deal on Sharing X Men with Marvel like what Sony did with Spiderman. If Fox does want to share X Men with Marvel, the new Wolverine should first appear in Avengers Infinity War played by Aiden Turner, in Wolverines trademark brown and yellow suit.


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