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The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core. (IMDb)

Nominations: Best Picture, Supporting Actor (Mark Ruffalo), Supporting Actress (Rachel McAdams), Directing (Tom McCarthy), Film Editing, and Original Screenplay

So, I was a little on the younger side (10-12), and at a Catholic grade school when all of this blew up. Not only in Boston, but in my diocese of Cleveland. I remember it being a big deal, but also it not being really acknowledged. I can honestly say that this movie opened up my eyes to how truly terrible this epidemic was/still is. The depth of it is truly astounding. This also shed light on how the big systems (think government, big businesses, the church, etc.) control so many aspects of our lives. It took an outsider coming into this paper to really take stock of what was going on and push for the story. Basically, this movie made me do a lot of thinking. So, I guess its safe to say that this is a really well-made movie. The acting is great, the pacing is really tight, and the writing is awesome. Something I really respected was that the writing didn’t fall into any movie traps. There was no character with a harrowing back story with a priest, and the facts weren’t stretched to make it more “interesting”. The story of these reporters was told truthfully, in the same way that they told their story, truthfully and to the point. Basically, I have a lot of respect for this movie and I believe that it deserves every nomination it received.



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