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I grew up with the old Halloween movies from the old school ones of John Carpenter and Debra Hill to the new stuff that Rob Zombie made. Some of the movies in the franchise were not well received by fans. Some stuck with the old and others liked the new and there are those like me who are middle of the road.

Looking at what this movie about comes easy. It's about.

six-year-old Michael killing his teenage sister Judith on Halloween in 1963 in the town of Haddonfield. from here he was hospitalized at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. Fifteen years later, Michael breaks out and returns to his hometown where he stalks Laurie Strode and her friends.

Where do we go with this now? I feel we need to go back to classic stuff. We need to bring back the mystery of what make the movies great. Let us take a trip down memory lane. In Halloween 2 Michael's body is missing from the front lawn, where he fell when Loomis shot him. We need to explore what really happened to him.

I feel we should explore mystical aspects of this character. Let us not do what Halloween H20: 20 Years Later did. The events that transpire between Halloween 4 and Halloween 6 are effectively ignored. The blanks need to be filled in. It would be interesting see a movie about Michaels rise to power and how he became strong and unkillable.It would not be too much if we could look inside the mind of this killer to see what is really going on.

Another factor we should look at is the Halloween literature. There is a fair amount of stuff to be drawn from here. This gives us a chance see something new into the mix.

This just my opinion here folks.If you agree with me cool. if not that's cool too. I am always looking for fresh Ideas.Feel free to add your comments and try not to kill each other in the process of doing so. Thank you very much.


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