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What did you dream of becoming as a kid? I wanted to be a marine biologist. I could envision myself swimming with the dolphins and looking at microscopic organisms through a microscope. Maybe I would even discover a sea creature that no one had ever seen before.

What happened to your dream? For me, reality hit when I couldn’t pass science classes without massive help and tutoring. My chemistry teacher actually told me he fluffed my final so I could pass and wouldn’t have to sit in his classroom for a second year. By the time I had made it to college a career in science was looking very doubtful.

There are some people who like the fight and the struggle. They have an idea about what they should accomplish in their life and then they go after it with all the gusto they can manage.

This is the story of Eddie Edwards, Great Brittan’s only Olympic Ski Jumper in the 1988 Olympics held in Canada. He wasn’t your typical Olympian. In his childhood Eddie was crippled and was put in leg braces. He was a bookworm and a bit of loser as he got older. Working at a ski resort in the mountains as a young adult, he get encouragement from the owner to learn how to ski jump.

Edwards employs the reluctant help of a washed out Olympic Ski Jumper named Bronson Peary. Peary is one of the most natural talents in the world of Ski Jumping at the time. But the pressure of his success as an athlete lead to alcoholism that eventually made him impossible to work with.

Edwards on the other hand is completely unnatural as a Ski Jumper. In fact, he’s not really athletic at all. The one thing he has in his favor is that he is determined to make it on the Olympic team. With the help of Peary, Edwards finds himself in a spot to try for gold on the biggest stage there is.

Why go see this movie?

Humor. There is so much surprising humor in this movie. From the way Edwards fumbles through his training, to his interactions with his parents to way the commentators announce him on the hill. There is so much surprising humor keeping the movie light all the way through.

Nostalgia. I love the way they represent the decades throughout the entire movie. From the clothes that Eddie’s mother wears to the Charles and Diana salt and pepper shakers on the kitchen table. They even mention the Jamaican Bobsled Team by one of the Olympic commentators.

Inspiration. Everyone likes an underdog story and this is exactly what Eddie the Eagle is. No matter how much Eddie fumbles, you can’t help but root for him in the end.

Familiar Faces. Loved all the familiar faces that we saw in the movie. Hugh Jackman, Christopher Walken and Jim Broadbent were a few that I saw among the crowd.

To be honest, I loved this movie. It was funny, inspiring and entertaining. I wasn’t a huge fan of Jackman’s drunken washed out Olympian character (it’s a little over done), but despite that I was truly touched by the outcome of the movie and the way in which the Olympic crowd embraced Eddie. A great film to see with friends or significant others.

Make sure to catch this film in theaters February 26th!


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