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Lightsabers have been around since the beginning of Star Wars. Stores have carried them and kids have had a great time play fighting (and crying) as they play Star Wars. These days, you can go onto an online store, Comic con or any other places that sells lightsabers and get one that looks like the real deal. The even light up, like in the movie, with the glow.

Scientist have been coming up with inventions on how to make them real. With the sound, slicing someone and to hold without getting burnt. But before we get too excited, let's remember, you don't (technically) have to have the force to wield one. In The Force Awakens, Fin, wields Anakin's old lightsaber during the attack and towards the end when he faces Kylo Ren.

But what do the colors represent, how are they created, who wields each color and how can the color reflect the Jedi (or Sith) themselves. Well young padawan, welcome to Jedi school. Let's answers these questions and then you may be able to wield one of your very own.

1. The construction process

Crystals: Before you can choose a color you must know there are 11 popular colors, but many more that are being discovered. The top 11 colors are: red, orange, green, blue, purple, green, bronze, gold, yellow, black, white and sliver. From these colors comes a crystal that that is the main focus of the blade. These crystals can come in a gem, stone or any other rock formation object.

Most Jedi though, added other crystals to their lightsaber for unique effects abilities and to enhance their own force skills. Thought, Jedi never start out with a color crystal. Guided by the force during their training in the first years, the crystal colors itself over time, due to their knowledge of the force and their fighting style.

Construction: Once the crystal is colored or (from what I've heard and read and seen) the crystal color chooses you, its time to begin constructing a lightsaber. But there is no instruction book on how to do this. When a Jedi is ready to construct his or her lightsaber, they must use the force.

In Attack of the Clones (The Cartoon Network series) we see in one episode how a Jedi constructs their lightsaber. The crystal goes in in the middle to be the power source and the blade, while the hilt is created by the Jedi (or Sith) as well. A Jedi can construct the hilt to their own liking or to what the force help them build.

Once construction is complete, training with the lightsaber and force take place. For most of their lives and years of training, it is with the lightsaber, force and piking up on a fighting style. So yes, at a young age, lighsaber are constructed and training can officially begin with master and apprentice.

2. The Colors

Once the blade is complete, we see that each lightsaber comes with a color. We know the common three are blue, green and red, but what do they mean as well as the other colors we see during the movie, and throughout the series and video games as well.

Blue: Blue is a very common color among Jedi wielders. The ones who fight with a blue lightsaber are known for justice and protection. A blue lightsaber also means, they are a guardian and fight for the light side and are skilled with their weapons. The common wielders are Obi-Won and Anakin.

The famous scene from Force Awakens is Kylo Ren vs. Fin and we see that fin has held onto this blade from the first attack.

Green: Green lightsabers represent peace through the force, if necessary. Those who wield a green lightsaber stand by the Jedi counsel who prefer medition and negotiation to use in fighting. They are also very strong in their force skills. the most common Jedi's known to have a green lightsaber is Yoda, Luke and Qui-Gon Jinn.

Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones happens to be my favorite one (if you ignore all the sappy and cheesy love scenes). I like this movie mainly due to the fighting scenes and of course who could forget this:

To this day, this happens to be one of the most popular and talked about scenes throughout the Star Wars franchise. Though some fans, were left disappointed, considering Yoda could have just sliced up Count Dooku and they also wanted to see him use the force more. None the less, its still one of my favorite scenes.

Red: It's pretty obvious who wields red. But a red lightsaber means they are evil and lust for more power. Lets remember the lines "I have become more powerful then any Jedi." This was said by Anakin in the third movie, Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Count Dooku said this in episode II "I have become more powerful then any Jedi, even you [master Yoda]." Sith lust and try and try to gain more power, just to prove this point. Made by Sith Lords or dark Jedi, the crystal they use is called synthetic. Popular users include Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Kylo Ren (Pretty sure we'll see his master fighting at some point.)

Kyo Ren's saber though, his crystal couldn't contain his anger or energy, which is why he has the two spikes at the end. Although fans didn't like it at fist, they warmed up to as more trailer played and when the movie hit theaters.

Purple: My absolute favorite one. Wielders of this saber means moral ambiguity. The ones who use the purple lightsaber learn both the light and dark side of the force, are are aggressive fighters. Their saber will be mixed with blue which indicates they are light or mix with red which indicate they are of the dark side. Populer users include Mace Windu and Mara Jade Skywalker (really hoping we get to meet her in 8 or 9).

Everyone knows Mace's famous fight with the sith, which proves just how strong of a Jedi he really is. Did you know when he first got the role, Gorge Lucas asked him what his favorite color was and replies with purple, which they gave him, his lightsaber also says "bad Mother F****er" on it.

Yellow: Yellow light sabers are part of the expanded universe (this also include, bronze, gold, black, orange, white and silver). Those who wield yellow light sabers are intrigue and pursuit. In my eyes they are assassins who take out the dark side. Popular users are Yarael Poof and Pio Koon

Bronze: Users of this color use negotiation, the prefer ingenuity and stealth as they fight. A popular use is named Yaddle, who happens to a wookie.

And this is what they look like without someone holding it.

Orange: the ones who choose orange use physical strength.These Jedi's are powerful and and the more strength they have the more their saber lights up.

Black: Very rare lightsaber and only one known user has been known to wield it. Jedi or maybe even siths who use this one are self obsessed. Those who think only of themselves use this blade and it is also called the darksaber. Popular use is named Pre Vizla (who appears in the Attack of the Clones series)

White: The ones who use this are known for obedience and service. They are chosen for this due to their obedience. Popular users are imperial knights.

Silver: These users are calm clear. They are calm and clear during their fighting and are clear on the living force. Popular user is named Tera Sinude.

Now that you know of the lightsaber, what their colors mean and how to form one, its time to make your very own. You can pick one up at Wal-Mart, Target and any other store that sells toys. You can get the updated one (or collectibles) on Amazon, e-bay and Comic Con. Have fun constructing your lightsaber young padawans.


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