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As wee all know, Deadpool wasn't just a success. It was a milestone in cinematic history. With a budget of just around $50 million, it blew up the box office, green-lighting a sequel before the film even had a wide release.

One of the first pieces of news to be released about the sequel was that the mutant Cable would be in attendance. Many fans took that as a confirmation that Cable would be the villain, but those who have read the comic books know that Cable is not a villain. Sure, he and Wade have had their spats, Cable has always been one of Deadpool's closest allies.

That leaves the role of the villain ripe for the picking. While Ajax was a decent enough villain for the Deadpool movie, let's be honest, very little attention was paid to him. It was Deadpool's movie after all, so Ajax was just a target for him to point his katanas at.

Now that the groundwork has been laid for the character of Wade Wilson, I think it's high-time for a real villain to take center stage. Especially with Cable joining the fray, we need a baddie that' worth the effort for the two of them. The mind only goes to one choice when you think of that kind of character.

"What, this guy?"
"What, this guy?"

That's right. Honestly, I've been hoping that Taskmaster would show u in a superhero flick for a while now. The problem is, the Avengers are always worried with huge global threats, and the X-Men keep themselves occupied with super-powered mutants. As awesome as Taskmaster is, he doesn't necessarily have powers.

Taskmaster instead has photographic reflexes, which means that through watching anyone fight, he can replicate any fighting style that he wants. He actually studies the fight patterns of superheroes to become the best fighter imaginable.

Taskmaster has encountered skilled fighters like Captain America and Spider-Man before, but seeing as this is set in Fox's cinematic universe, he could replicate moves of countless other mutants. He could fight with Wolverine's beserker rage, Beast's animalistic ferocity, or even Nightcrawler's agility.

Taskmaster isn't just an amazing warrior, he's an experienced trainer as well. All of his grunts would put up a lot more of a fight than all of Ajax's disposable goons. We could see Wade pushed to his physical limits, and even with Cable's help the battles could become incredibly intense.

Of course, I'm not claiming that Taskmaster should be the villain just because I like the character. Deadpool director Tim Miller said that there are two major characters that he'd like to see Deadpool fight in a movie, X-23, and Taskmaster.

X-23 is Wolverine's female clone who needs a bit of backstory and introduction before she can just pop up in a movie. Maybe she can sow up when the X-Force movie finally gets made. Taskmaster on the other hand, would be a perfect choice to show up in the Deadpool sequel. He's already interacted with Deadpool many times in the comics, and the two characters have interesting chemistry.

Taskmaster it tough, deadly, and the perfect villain to give both Deadpool and Cable a real run for their money. Tim Miller wants it to happen, I want it to happen, how about you?


Do you want to see Taskmaster in the next Deadpool movie?


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