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Rolie Hernandez

Back in July of last year, Pokken Tournament was released in arcades across Japan. This new Pokemon game shocked many, all the while gaining much fame. Pokemon fans worldwide knew they needed it. Now that dream is soon to come true with the release of the game for Wii U globally on March 18.

Pokken Tournament, or Pokemon Tekken, is a cross between your favorite Pokemon franchise and aspects from Bandai Namco's Tekken. The Idea is to be a fast paced fighting game with your favorite Pokemon; however, the game will use more of a strategic way of playing rather then technique. In other words the game is meant for rookies and veterans of the fighting game genre.

There are over 16 fighters to choose from such as favorites like, Pikachu and Charizard, and over 15 supporting partners. These supports are to be used in battle to aid with defence, attack, and health. Notable pairs are like the famous duo Espeon and Umbreon.

In my opinion, the concept and idea for the game are very well thought out. Instead of the classic turn based game you are given controller of your Pokemon and head straight into battle, where possibilities are endless. Reminds me greatly of the anime. This idea isn't the first of its kind however, there have been fan made games that follow this concept which have unfortunately been shut down.

Still not convinced? Check out some gameplay maybe this will change your mind.


Will you be joining the fight?


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