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I am going to begin with highlighting the top 5 most important events of episode 32 of Dragon Ball Super.

Number 5:

Goku and Vegeta trains at the hyperbolic time chamber for 3 days of earth time or 3 years of time in the chamber. Vegeta reveals Saiyans remain at their primes till the age of 80.

Number 4:

For the first time in the entire Dragon Ball Series we saw Goku and Vegeta with facial hairs. They came out of the time chamber growing 3 years in physical age and thus come facial hairs.

Number 3:

All Z fighter, their family and friends heads off to the nameless planet. Except for Gohan, he is not going because he has a conference to attend.

Number 2:

Beerus introduces the much anticipated mystery fighter- Monaka. Monaka is stronger than Goku according to Beerus. To test that Goku punches Monaka. Monaka reacted by crying. They arrive at the tournament venue and are introduced with all the characters from universe 6. Namely- Frost, Hit, Cabe, Maggeta and Botamo. They also meet with the now separate kaio-shins.

Number 1:

Majin Buu fails the written test and thus can’t participate in the tournament. The first match is announced and its Goku vs Botamo.

Additional Major Thing We Got From The Trailer Of Episode 33 Is That Goku Can Still Go Normal Super Saiyan. That he does against Botamo


The episode starts with Goku and Vegeta training at the hyperbolic time chamber. We also got to see a really cool scene of Dende and Mr. Popo.

Goku and Vegeta’s training scene at the chamber was quite good. I really liked the gloves they were wearing. These gloves are usually used in wrestling platforms like MMA. I am assuming that those were weighted training gloves. It would be great if one of them made those gloves a part of their fighting attire. They trained for 3 days of earth time meaning 3 years in the chamber. Breaking previously thought max limit of consecutive training of 3 days.

And they came out with some rather surprising changes. This is the first time in Dragon Ball series we saw Goku and Vegeta with beards! Vegeta looked really badass with it. If I am not wrong Vegeta once mentioned something like Saiyans have issues growing facial hairs or something. What I think is it just takes a long time. Because, we already saw King Vegeta who had facial hairs besides many Saiyans from the flashbacks also had beards.

However, Goku, Vegeta and the entire squad heads towards the nameless planet except for Gohan. Gohan is busy attending a conference which is by the way more important than a tournament which will decide the fate of the earth. Obviously, there are many theories and assumptions made by fans like me that Gohan might get there somehow or might have to do something important at earth sometimes soon. I made a few videos on that check the links on description if you want to know about the possibilities.

There was this funny scene were Buu farts in the square traveling box and everyone has a real hard time. Mr. Satan makes what can only be described as a very befitting joke saying the fart sounded like Buu. I think this scene was extremely funny a Dragon Ball classic.

Then, Beerus introduces the much anticipated Monaka. Who he said is stronger than Goku. Surprisingly Monaka turned out to be a little red guy with weird nipples. Doesn’t really the type of character one would expect when he hears things like that character is stronger than Goku. To test him Goku suddenly turns around and punches him right in the face. There was no reflex, he didn’t defend and took one in the face. Surprisingly he was crying a bit after taking the punch. Now, there was a fan theory going around that Monaka might actually not be very strong. And that Beerus made it up so that Goku and Vegeta train harder. So, people who believe in that might repeat it again. But, I don’t quite agree. Because, the punch did no major damage either and in the Manga whis mentioned how people Monaka’s race are gentle but once they gets angry even Beerus has a hard time keeping up. So, I am assuming his power will increase in situational condition and maybe when he is in a raged condition. I also think he will have some epic transformations. If you remember Fat Janemba also didn’t look very strong, he was just like a big fat baby. But, then he transformed into a very badass looking form. I won’t be surprised if Monaka has more than just one transformation.

However, they arrive at the tournament venue and get to see all the fighters from universe 6. They also notice the 2 kaio-shin samas who aren’t fused anymore. The kaio-shins of universe 6 were surprised seeing how they were friends.

We get to see all the fighters from universe 6. There’s Frost who looks just like Frieza. Goku and Vegeta were very surprised looking at him. Then, there’s a saiyan named Cabe. Who is very short and doesn’t have tails either. He recognizes Goku and Vegeta as saiyans and they had a conversation. Saiyans of Universe 6 doesn’t have any tails they evolved past it. They asked Cabe if he knew about Frieza who destroyed Planet Vegeta. Cabe off-course didn’t know Frieza but he looks at Frost. Frost is the emperor of Universe 6 and he gives a pleasant smile indicating that he is a good guy just opposite to that of Frieza. That appeared surprising to Goku and Vegeta! Also to mention the Saiyans of universe 6 are also good and fight for peace. There was this other Winnie the pooh looking fighter named Botamo who appears to be from a new race. Then, there was this gigantic robot looking dude that goes by the name Magetta. Again a character not familiar to any!

Then there is this very special cool looking character Hit. Hit the name itself suggests danger. His character design, postures, personality, the intensity of presence and many other hints like Goku and Hit being advertised japans hints that he is the strongest fighter of Universe 6. And he looks like the real deal. Sooner or later he will have major roles. He has great similarity in looks with Cell and Cooler. Also, some resemblance with Janemba and Namekians. I absolutely loved this character.

However, the first match up has been announced and its between Goku and Botamo which we will get to see in the next episode. I liked the tournament stage, the decorations, the announcer and the anthem too. Overall things look pretty intense. The episode ends as Goku and Botamo prepares to fight.

At the end, we obviously got the episode 33 trailer, where Goku turned into base form or Super Saiyan 1. Many people out there was saying things like they can no longer access the normal super saiyan transformation and has to use god ki every time. That statement is now officially wrong. However, Goku didn’t go super while facing botamo in the manga. So, I am guessing he will go god when he faces *spoiler alert* Frost in the next match. Spoiler Alert the next episode features Goku vs Botamo which shall end quickly and then they will move to Goku vs Frost and on episode 34 according to title leaks we get Piccolo vs Frost.

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