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Following certain fan theories and rumours, we may have a possible adaptation of the popular Batman Storyline; The Killing Joke. Now, whether or not specific events of this arch have already happened in the evolving DC universe are unspecified. A big question is left unanswered; where the heck is Commissioner Gordon?

Being that Jim Gordon's character went hand in hand with the Nolan Batman Trilogy, and became a pivotal character to the films, many are speculating on whether or not we will see the mustachioed crime fighter on the big screen once more. I know I would love to see this myself!

In the trailer, we witness a Bruce Wayne full of rage. Unlike Christian Bale's take, we may see a more solitary rich type as opposed to the mirage of a billionaire playboy.

To disect this quote, we have assume that Bruce has lost a friend or two. We see a brief shot of a vandalized costume, (supposedly a former Robin?) but I think there were two people he refers to in this line.

Image from the BvS Trailer
Image from the BvS Trailer
  • The first person; "how many good guys are left" may be referring to Jim Gordon, as his relationship with Batman in the comics is very solid.
  • The second; "how many stay that way" most likely refers to a deceased former Robin (to Bruce's knowledge, Under The Red Hood anbody?) who may be operating as a primary villain our new Dark Knight is currently toe to toe with when we meet him in a solo film.

The theories and speculation of BvS are growing constantly, but now with less than a month away from seeing the film at last, we will get most of our answers. I really hope that Gordon is still around, he grounded the Nolan films and I think we would have a similar but equally important role in this new universe.

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