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Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated a total of 5 times for an Academy Award. His achievement has been matched by other actors, but if he loses this time; he could be on his way to becoming one of the most nominated actors that have never won an Oscar.

I believe in Leo, and I think his role on The Revenant was wonderful, but honestly the work of all the other actors nominated is also very good. Let's take a look at Leo's competitors and analyze who has the best chance of robbing Leo of the statue in order of the least dangerous competitor to the most dangerous foe.

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs

I honestly don't know how Fassbender got this nomination. I'm not saying that he didn't do a good job performing as Jobs, but there were other actors that also deserved a nomination, like Will Smith or Idris Elba and who sadly were not considered for their roles. Don't get me wrong, I admire Fassbender, but I think this is not his best role yet.

Steve Jobs was a good film, but I don't think Fassbender is a strong competitor for the Academy Award. I think Leo does not have to worry about him this year.

Matt Damon as Mark Watney in The Martian

The Martian
The Martian

I love Matt Damon. He's a wonderful actor, but I don't think he is going to win this year. A win for him for this movie would be surprising. He did a great job in The Martian, he was very convincing explaining all the scientific concepts that allow his character survival in this film.

But his performance is not a winning performance when compared to the next triad of nominees. Leo is safe from losing against Matt this year.

Bryan Cranston as Dalton Trumbo in Trumbo

Now this is what I call a strong competitor. Bryan Cranston has had my admiration since he was Malcolm's father, but he won my respect when he brought Walter White to life. If you didn't see Trumbo I recommend that you go ahead watch this movie before the Academy Awards.

Bryan is wonderful in his role and he makes a strong case for why he should get an Oscar. But is he better than the top two contenders to win? I don't think so. Sadly I don't think this will be your year Bryan, but I'm sure you'll be in the winner's list soon.

Eddie Redmayne as Einar Wegener in The Danish Girl

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. What can I say about you that has not yet been written? What words can I use to describe your talent or intensity when performing as Einar, and then Lili, in The Danish Girl?

Yes, it's true that Eddie has just won an Academy Award, but if you have seen The Danish Girl then seeing Eddie as a second-time winner just a year after winning his first Oscar wouldn't come as too much of a surprise. He is the strongest competitor for Leo, but I do hope he is not the one to win.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass in The Revenant

I won't say much about The Revenant, is a masterpiece and a cinematographic experience that you have to live through to understand. What I can say about Leonardo's performance is that he captures anguish, pain and desperation like in no other film he's made before.

This is your year Leo! I want to believe that. Your work as Hugh is this crude film is wonderful and I think you deserve your prize. But if this will be Leo's year is yet to be decided. Let's see what happens the night of February 28th!


Who do you think will win Best Actor?


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