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Next week's episode of Arrow (S04E13, airing Wednesday February 24th) is expected to have a few twists and turns. Let's start off by watching the trailer...

First off, Felicity will find out about Oliver's son. That is pretty straight forward from the trailer. The question is, what will the fallout be regarding Oliver's son?

I would theorize that once Oliver explains himself, Felicity will understand that he was trying to protect his son. But unlike Thea, she will still be mad that he kept the secret and didn't trust her to keep it with him.

Moving on, for those who don't know, Vixen is a character who was introduced via The CW Seed.

She had a 6-episode season that accurately introduced the character to us. In next weeks episode, Vixen will arrive to the live-action screen. The actress playing her in Arrow is the same actress that voiced her in The CW Seed series.

In the mini-series, Vixen discovers the truth behind her amulet and how it grants her the powers of the jungle. Throughout the series, she learns how to be a hero and even learns how to run away from a few (Arrow and Flash).

Vixen coming to the big screen raises a lot of questions. How will her powers be displayed? Will she have a better grasp on her powers? Will they re-introduce her powers in a quick-cut way? Or is there an expectation that everyone has watched the 6-episode arc?

I think we can all agree that next week's episode has a lot going on between Oliver's son being kidnapped and then bringing in Vixen. Those will be the 2 dominant storylines for sure. But I think it's safe to say we will see a Lance/Donna scene, Diggle may even have an upgrade after visiting The Flash in King Shark (airing Tuesday February 23rd).

Outside of that, here are the trailers for this weeks Supergirl (02/29) and Legends of Tomorrow (02/25)

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As always, the Flarrowverse is going to be really exciting this week. The question is...

Do you think Felicity will be mad at Oliver over his son? Will Vixen be as great in live-action as she was in the animated series? What is next for Team Flash after the breaches have been closed?


Which show are you most excited for?


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