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Reclaiming Horror

The VVitch is the latest attempt to bring horror back to where it belongs - away from torture/gore and back to a more cerebral thrill. Recently, we caught some glimpses of classic horror with It Follows and The Babadook. This year, The VVitch continues this trend of reclaiming horror from the two prevailing (and ultimately pretty disappointing) types of horror movies that have been plaguing the genre for years now : the jump-scare/found-footage sub-genre and the torture-gore/shock-value-without-substance sub-genre.

Job Well Done

What really sets The VVitch apart though is the execution of the film. Every part of this movie was crafted expertly. The feeling of isolation that accompanies the setting in this movie was well conveyed. All of the acting was fantastic, even the children (and the goat haha). Most of all, I really appreciated the fresh approach to music. Instead of industrial sounds, or loud, throbbing bass, we were treated to a lighter score that really did the trick of standing apart from the norm without being a distraction, but still built the tension and suspense nicely.

When the family is tossed from their settlement for some religious differences between William, the father of the subject family, and the town's leaders, they are forced to relocate outside of the settlement and to live life away from others - or at least that is what they thought. The tone of the movie is dark and only gets worse as the family struggles to deal with some of the unfortunate circumstances afflicting them.

I won't go into too much detail about the movie, because it is difficult to really discuss it further without giving anything away. Instead, I'll just tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it and that I plan on seeing it at least once more while it is in theaters.

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