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When watching Game of Thrones, there is always one unwritten rule: don't become attached to anyone. In every season (and book), the writers never fail to brutally murder someone that we have loved since the beginning. At the end of last season, people seemed to have had enough when Jon Snow was stabbed multiple times by his brothers in black. While the writers have had a great time teasing us about Jon Snow's fate, we all know that there will definitely be some deaths in season 6. And from the look of the most recent trailer, this season might be the craziest yet. Here are five actors that have their days numbered and could possibly be saying goodbye.

5. Hodor

Could our favorite one-lined giant bite the dust? Since Bran wasn’t in the fifth season, we will now see him and Hodor experience the three-eyed raven and Weirwood trees for the first time. Since Bran will be spending more time in the heads of other animals, there probably won’t be a lot for Hodor to do besides stand around. One of Bran’s turning points in his storyline could be seeing his best friend die in some horrific way.

4. Loras Tyrell

When we last saw Queen Margaery Tyrell, she was captured and imprisoned by her mother in law, Cersei Lannister. While Cersei had a terrifying punishment of her own, Margaery still stands behind bars. And since Cersei seems pretty hell-bent on getting revenge, her focus might lay on Loras Tyrell, her brother. Since Finn Jones has recently signed on to be the titular in Marvel's new show, Iron Fist, it makes sense that he won't be having a lot of time to film Game of Thrones. They could just cut his screen time down, but that doesn't sound like the writers at all.

3. Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay Bolton has been responsible for many brutal deaths and tortures happening in the North. He flays for fun and sets dogs on people as a game. He married Sansa Stark to own Winterfell, but treated her terribly, leading to Theon rescuing her. Since the Ironborn are being re-introduced, that could mean his death instead of Theon’s. Since Yara was almost killed by him, this could easily be the best way for revenge.

Another interesting way to go would be if Jon Snow would be the one to kill him. If Jon actually makes a return, he'll most likely aid in getting the north back. This would likely mean coming face to face with the torturous Ramsay. This would be such an amazing scene because of how opposite they are of each other. Ramsay seeks to torture and kill and Jon seeks to protect. Could Jon be the one to take Winterfell away from the Boltons?

2. Jorah Mormont

Greyscale is no laughing matter and it most likely cut Jorah’s lifespan down significantly. From what we've seen, Greyscale is not a pretty sight; it can permanently scar the skin and even lead to violent insanity. Jorah only seems to be concerned with helping the Khalessi and not his illness.

I imagine that he will save Daenerys from captors or gain back her trust in some other matter. As all traumatic deaths go, Daenerys will probably realize how much he helped her on his deathbed, causing more pain for her to carry. And then perhaps Tyrion will be promoted to her right hand man.

1. Theon Greyjoy

Theon has had quite a rolleroaster of an arc. He went from best friend to enemy and now to savior. Since he helped Sansa escape from Ramsay Bolton, it seems that he had his redemption, and since the Greyjoy family will be reappearing, it seems like Theon’s death will be a perfect tie-in for their storyline. He’s been through so much already that it seems like nothing else could be a comparison to the torture he endured. And since his sister, Yara, failed to bring him home earlier, it seems that this is the point of no return for him.

Game of Thrones never fails to surprise its viewers every season. Regardless of who they kill, it will either enrage or make you jump with joy. Since the show is no longer connected to the books, the sky is the limit.


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