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Now that you have constructed a lightsaber, it's time to choose which form to use when you go up against a clone, a Jedi or Sith in battle. As many know, each Jedi and Sith have a different fighting style or as some put it, a form based off a fencing style. 1-3 really push the "fencing forms" and we can really see how each Jedi puts their form into combat. 4-6 Does have some fencing forms but they don't push it as much as they do in 1-3. In the new Star Wars, episode 7, we still see some fencing.

Instead of calling it "Fencing" in Star Wars, its called Lightsaber Combat. Which happens to be between two or more people are in battle. This doesn't necessarily have to be Jedi vs. Sith. This can be Sith vs. Sith or Jedi vs. Jedi, if the two are evenly matched in combat, the must draw on other force powers and other fighting skills.

There are seven known forms that the Jedi and Sith both use: Form I, Form II, Form III, Form IV, From V, From VI and Form VII. Let's look over these seven forms and see which Jedi and Sith uses them.

1. Form I

Form I is known as Shii-Cho, this can also be called "the way of the Sarlacc". This is the first and basic form that Jedi learn in lightsaber combat training. This came from the Jedis when they first started out with swords, before they switched to lightsabers.

The motions above, that Anakin are doing is what form 1 is. Basically trying to disarm the opponent, without hurting him. This is done with wide sweeping motions, this is great when facing multiple enemies. Jedi known to use this technique are Anakin and Yoda.

2. Form II

Form II is called Makashi or "The Way of Ysalamiri", this was devloped when Jedi started fighting others that hold a lightsaber as well as Sith lords. This move works on emphasizing on precision, simple footwork, and preventing disarmament. This is a strong defense against form 1.

When the Sith were nearly destroyed, form II became less popular, due to the uncommon lightsaber battles. Although there were still those who admired it and considered it as an elegant form. There are 2 Sith lords who used form II and they are Darth Vader and Count Dooku.

Notice Dooku's footwork in this one.
Notice Dooku's footwork in this one.

3. Form III

This form is called Soresu or " The Way of the Mynock." This is the form Jedi use to block blasts from blasters. This is caused by tight efficient movements from the body and used as shield, to deflect blasts from blasters.

Form III is believed to be an important part of the Jedi philosophy, due to its emphasis on calm and non-aggression. A Jedi using form III will center themselves in the force, to help the movements and blocks more efficiently, against their opponent. Popular known Jedi users are Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.

4. Form IV

Form IV is called Ataru or "The of Way of Hawk-Bat". This style is aggressive and is an acrobatic style of fighting. To do this, they use the force, to do leaps, deadly strikes and high-speed movements. To someone who isnt used to seeing this, it looks like a wild rush of movement. (Think of the Flash running right by you)

Due to its acrobat movements, it can make it hard to learn and to master and also very dangerous. This is due to the fact that he or she may waste time doing a high speed move, to an opponent who is a short of distance away, and can leave them open. Popular users are Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn.

5. Form V

This form is called Shien (or Djem So) can also be called "The Way of Krayt Dragon". Developed from Form III to help with the offensive fighting style. The basic style of this one is to use one strengths to defeat the opponent.

Shien is the first form of the fighting technique where a Jedi will use it to defend themselves from blasters. The second form, Djem, is the same way, only it focuses on blocking the enemy attack and then using their energy to surge a counter attack. Popular users are Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. (Like father, like son)

6. Form VI

Form six is called Niman or "The Way of Rancor" it uses all elements from the previous forms. This is more for those who don't think about their fighting form. The basics of this form is use the force techniques with lightsaber combat.

In the example above, Darth Maul uses this technique to fight both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. We see as he pushes one away, he fights the other and then pushes that one away to fight the other one. So he balances the force with the lightsaber at combat. Popular users are Darth Maul (noted above) and General Grievous.

7. Form VII

Form VII is called Juyo or Vapaad also known as "The Way of Vornskr". Physcially and emotionally, this is the hardest to master between Jedi and Sith. The reason for this is because Jedi or Sith who use this to fight, channel chaotic, furious, and unpredictable moves towards their opponent.

If Mace Windu couldn't get any more awesome, he uses this to send back negative emotions to his opponent. He invented this before The Clone Wars started. We see a little of his fighting style in Episode II but get a full dose of it in Episode III, when he goes up against the Sith. Popular users of this are Mace Windu and Dath Maul.

There you have it, the seven fighting forms that we see through out episode 1-6. These forms are based on fencing styles. They can be taught by anyone and everyone can easily learn them. Now that you have a lightsaber and know the fighting styles, go out there and rule or protect the galaxy.


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