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Hideo Kojima is a legend among game developers and producers. The creator of Metal Gear Solid, Kojima has been hailed as one of the most influential developers of all time, releasing AAA game after AAA game. Working for Konami, he's put out more than his fair share of blockbuster games, including his most recent hit, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain.

However, working for Konami has put restrictions on Kojima's vision.

In a recent interview, Kojima expressed regret at not being able to continue his development of the new Silent Hill reboot, alongside acclaimed film director Guillermo Del Toro, and actor Norman Reedus, known for his many roles on acclaimed shows, like The Walking Dead. The team released a demo awhile ago with the title P.T. to tease the upcoming reboot of Silent Hills, and it was very well received, and fan all over were hyping up for the reboot to become a reality.

"Let's say you're thinking of climbing Mount Everest, but you start with Mount Fuji first," he says through a translator, sitting across from me at a boardroom table at the 2016 DICE Summit. "That goes well and it feels good. Then you're preparing to climb Mount Everest and you're not allowed to.
"That doesn't feel good."
Source: Polygon

Here is a walkthrough of P.T. courtesy of IGN:

It is assumed that Konami shut down development of Silent Hills, which was one of the main catalysts that caused Kojima to part ways with Konami last year.

It was reported in October that Hideo Kojima had finally parted ways with Konami after a long-running saga between the two, although Konami officially denied Kojima had left, insisting Kojima remained listed as a company employee.
Source: IGN

As a result of this, Kojima plans to open his own company, Kojima Productions, so that he can move forwards and go about creating games that suit his vision however he pleases.

But this parting was not without consequence.

Due to the split, and Konami denying that Kojima had left, the company notified the game creator that he would not be allowed to receive any accolades presented to him that MGSV: Phantom Pain may win. Because of this, back in December when The Video Game Awards awarded MGSV with action game of the year, Kojima, reluctantly, had to stay home and watch as his award was accepted by someone else on his behalf. Host of the VGA, Geoff Keighley, momentarily goes off-script to express his deep anger and frustration at Konami for depriving Kojima of his rightly won award.

Fans all over the world cried as their beloved game creator was snubbed by the very game company that he scorned.

However, at the recent D.I.C.E video game awards, the hosts were able to deliver sweet justice to the wronged Kojima. One of the hosts managed to sneak in Kojima Productions as a receiver of the award with a sly wink.

Kojima was later then inducted into the Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame for his work as a developer on the D.I.C.E awards show. A well deserved induction, if I do say so myself. A fitting end for a man who's given the video game community so much of his blood, sweat and tears, and here's hoping that he'll deliver more in the future with his new ventures.

What do you guys think about the split? About Konami snubbing Kojima of his awards? Let me know in the comments section below!


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