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Like most popular TV shows and movies, Power Rangers was hit with the remake bug with a new movie being released sometime next year. I, along with many others, ran around pretending to be the Pink Ranger for a good portion of my childhood. The franchise is still going strong as it continues to produce new shows and merchandise. Get some nostalgia right here:

An announcement came in early 2014 revealing plans for a new movie featuring the five original Power Rangers (Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Black). Many have been skeptical seeing as the show had such a childish feel back in the '90s. Hopefully the new movie will have a more mature feel and step away from the spandex and questionable dialogue. Filming for the new movie begins this month so I am sure more details will start emerging but you should also get familiar with the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

The Blue Ranger

Who: RJ Cyler as Billy Cranston

Where have you seen him: Earl in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

The Blue Ranger in the original series was the nerd of the group with his vast intelligence being his biggest strength. He eventually gets stronger physically due to training from other members of the team. Fun fact - the character's last name Cranston, came from actor Bryan Cranston who voiced the character earlier in the franchise.

The Pink Ranger

Who: Naomi Scott as Kimberly Hart

Where have you seen her: The Martian, The 33, Terra Nova

The Pink Ranger was considered the stereotypical popular girl full of witty remarks and a competitive nature. She was training as a gymnast which helped make her a physical threat on the team.

The Red Ranger

Who: Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott

Where have you seen him: Newcomer

The leader of the group, seen as a jock-type and portrayed as a very successful athlete. He also has a lot of training in martial arts which is a huge advantage as he helps teach the team better fighting techniques and self-defense.

The Black Ranger

Who: Ludi Lin as Zack Taylor

Where have you seen him: Marco Polo, Monster Hunt

Zack seemed to always get along with everyone because he was funny, athletic, and outgoing. He also had an interest in martial arts and used a unique style in his fighting, by incorporating dancing techniques. At times, he seemed to have issues with his confidence which came as a disadvantage at crucial moments.

The Yellow Ranger

Who: Becky G. as Trini Kwan

Where have you seen her: Nashville, Empire, discovered on YouTube

The calm one of the group but a fast fighter as she is trained in Kung Fu. She is also very witty and tries to overcome the threats with the least amount of fighting. Thought to be very caring, she was known as an environmentalist, always wanting to save the world and protecting everyone in it.

Bonus: Rita Repulsa

Who: Elizabeth Banks

Where have you seen her: The Hunger Games Franchise, Pitch Perfect, Wet Hot American Summer

The original villain in the franchise, Rita Repulsa was an alien witch hell-bent on destroying the world. Equipped with a wand, she had magical abilities and controlled her minions to fight the Power Rangers throughout the long-running series.

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