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Below are potential Spoilers, all speculation based on the trailer!

When I first saw the trailer for the upcoming crime heist film Triple 9, I was immediately looking forward to seeing this movie. Taking place in Altanta, Georgia, it looks like a solid cross between The Departed and The Purge.

The cast looks fan-freaking-tastic, and I really mean 'fan', as the likes of Norman Reedus will surely bring plenty of TWD fans through the theater doors. Although I am certainly excited to see Reedus on the big screen for a change, I hope his role turns out to be one of the good guys (perhaps a police informant). The other cast members include Casey Affleck as a rookie cop, Anthony Mackie as a crooked officer, Chiwetel Ejiofor as a member of the crime syndicate, Woody Harrelson as a hardened officer, as well as Kate Winslet, Aaron Paul and Gal Gadot in unspecified roles. If this doesn't scream pure awesome I don't think there's much else I can do for you.

"You gotta out monster the monster."
"You gotta out monster the monster."

In this film we're likely to see Affleck and Harrelson as the two good cops, just trying to deal with the mayhem as it goes. Mackie is set to play Affleck's partner, but he might be playing him in order to gain the upper-hand for his crime leader. Evidence in the trailer shows that he is in the criminal team plotting against the Atlanta PD. The crew also includes the likes of EJiofor and Reedus.

The trailer does not specify what side of the law Paul or Winslet's characters are on. Perhaps either of them could have an insidous third party plot on there own. Winslet may be portraying a Russian crime boss, as it is known that the Russian Mob may be playing a hand in the PD's demise. So will it be up to the two good cops, uncorrupted by the violence, to make it right?

This looks like a fast paced, intense story. I'm sure the twists and turns will last throughout the film. I have not seen a great crime film in a while, so this is a spectacular chance for the genre to get the life it needs. The cast is awesome, and the double corssing shall be prevalent. Let's hope the film is as enticing as the trailer!

Triple 9 hits theaters February 26th.


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