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What do you know about Alton Meyer? This week, Warner Bros. served up a second trailer for their new Sci-fi film, Midnight Special, leaving that question burning in viewers’s minds. With an all-star cast and an up and coming director, it looks like a mixture of E.T. and The Sixth Sense. Michael Shannon leads the cast as a devoted father to protect his gifted son from religious extremists and the federal government (Adam Driver). If a battle between Zod and Kylo Ren doesn’t impress anyone, I don’t know what will.

The tone was very different from the first trailer. The first trailer felt like a mixture of a horror film and a family drama. Since Shannon usually plays creepy or villainous, that wasn’t surprising at all, But the most recent one is more balanced, showing that he goes down a different route and is actually one of the good guys.

The trailer starts out with the phrase “What do you know about Alton Meyer?” Already off the bat, we know that there is something different about this child that his father is trying to keep under wraps. This trailer was so suspenseful because it has a "show don't tell" philosophy. We don’t know what Shannon’s son is supposed to be, but we see glimpses of the house crumbling and his hand shining like a nightlight - signifying that his powers could be catastrophic. Jeff Nichols has experience in dealing with unexplained phenomenon from his previous work in Take Shelter. He knows how to create fantastic characters in both adults and children and place them in a compelling storyline.

With Alton's powers, it seems like Nichols is trying to make a superhero film of his own. From the looks of the footage, it seems like the perfect origin story that will focus on the characters rather than the battles.

Even if science fiction isn't your cup of tea, at least go for the outstanding cast. Shannon, Driver, Egerton, and Kirsten Dunst have all proven to be amazing in their own films but to have them on all one screen is going to be intriguing.

With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice premiering the week after, audiences will have their fill of science fiction in March. Unfortunately, it will only be a limited release, but it seems like a nice introduction before all the capes and explosions.


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