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Snatch Game is by far the best episode in each season of Rupaul's Drag Race. It is when all the queens give their best celebrity impressions for a game similar to Match Game. This leads to hilarity as each queen delivers humorous answers to simple questions. I am going to list my personal top 10 performances from the Snatch Game episodes in order from yaas to yaaaaaaaaaas queen.

10. Raja as Tyra Banks

Naomi Campbell is a cum guzzling whore! I hate her! I hate her!
- Raja as Tyra Banks

Raja definitely brought her best impression to the table. Her constant "smizing" and constant quotes about Naomi Campbell had me cracking up throughout the entire episode. She deserved the winning title of the season with just this Snatch Game showing.

9. Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie

Even though I still do not know who Little Edie is, Jinkx's character was humorous enough for me not to care. Just her waving that flag had me begging for more. If only Snatch Games were longer...

8. Adore Delano as Anna Nicole Smith

Adore Delano sure did honor the late Anna Nicole Smith in the best way she could. It was almost like I was viewing Anna come back to life. Her explanation for an answer of "I've tried vodka a couple to times in my life" gave me life and had me replaying the quote over and over in my mind. I just adore Adore!

7. Pandora Boxx as Carol Channing

Once again, I had no idea who Carol Channing was when Pandora Boxx presented she would be playing her for Snatch Game. But, I did not care. Pandora was hilarious. You did not need to know the character she was playing in order to appreciate and love the performance.

6. Tatiana as Britney Spears

Now this is an act I can laugh at and understand. Tatiana's Britney was dumb but it was supposed to be because it is Britney Spears.. duh! She had the look of Britney from head to toe and had the voice, facial expressions, body movements and everything else that was perfect for a Snatch Game performance.

5. Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy

This was perfect! Although some moments seemed forced, Bianca did everything that was asked of her. This performance was anything but BOLONEY! When she whips out her puppet sheriff, I died. I don't even know how she looked exactly like Judge Judy. Drag does wonders!

4. BenDeLaCreme as Maggie Smith

Now, I know who Maggie Smith is. I just did not recognize the name when BenDeLaCreme announced she was impersonating Maggie Smith. And I must say it was HILARIOUS. From the old-fashioned English look to her accent to the way she answered questions, I wanted a whole show with just Maggie Smith. Please, is that too much to ask?

3. Pearl as Big Ang

Yet another time I had no idea who the drag queen was impersonating. But it still did not matter. Big Ang was a hit! I never expected Pearl to be such comedic relief for Snatch Game. Her quick-witted answers to Ru's questions were phenomenal, especially her answer to her bra size: "It's a medical mystery." I think this was a great way to remember Big Ang as she recently passed away.

2. Ginger Minj as Adele

Now, I may not be a huge fan of Ginger, but she sure rocked the Snatch Game. She found a new way to say "hello" with her flawless rendition of Adele. I was on the floor dying in laughter when she said "My house" after Ru Paul asked what part of England she was from. YAAAS GINGER WERK.

1. Chad Michaels as Cher

Chad Michaels has a crazy obsession with Cher and I can see why. She not only loves Cher but she can sure impersonate her. I thought it was Cher the entire time instead of a drag queen which made me love it even more because I am a huge fan of Cher myself. Yes Chad, you are Cher, BITCH! She should have won the season to be honest but at least she redeemed herself in All Stars.


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