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Right now there is no bigger thing in Hollywood than comic book movies. Everybody wants to be a part of one, and everybody wants to see them. Today we're going to discuss 5 famous movies that you probably didn't know were based on graphic novels.

1. RED

RED is an action comedy from 2010 that starred Bruce Willis in the lead role, and co-starred Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary Louise-Parker, and Helen Mirren to round out the cast. The film was about aged and retired assassins who are being hunted and the search for the one behind their persecution.

The RED graphic novel series was not quite as comedic as the film but just as good and well made. Give it a look!

2. Men In Black

Men In Black, well you already know about this don't you? This is a 1997 sci-fi film that blew up and became a phenomenon. This was during Will Smith's prime years when he was still pumping out movies AND music.

The comic book published 3 issues in 1990. The tone of this series is much darker than the film adaptation. Another difference is that the Men in Black actually policed more than just aliens, but also paranormal activities, demons, zombies, and more legendary creatures. A good one to check out.

3. The Mask

1994's The Mask was pretty much the perfect vehicle for Jim Carrey to star in. As you may know, the 90s were a pretty huge decade for him.

Like I said before, The Mask was, even as a comic, a great Jim Carrey vehicle. Not many could've pulled this role off. Stanley Ipkiss/a.k.a. The Mask made his original debut in 1987, and believe it or not this comic series has carried on as recently as 2015!

4. A History of Violence

This film directed by David Cronenberg is one of my favorites ever. Featuring some great action scenes and an Oscar nominated performance by William Hurt in possible his most low key role ever, this movie is a true pleasure to watch. Fun fact: This was the last major Hollywood film to be released on VHS.

Published in 1997, this graphic novel was released by Vertigo which is an imprint of DC Comics, so technically one could say this was in the DCEU, but not really.

5. Road to Perdition

I saved this one for last because it is my favorite of the bunch. Road to Perdition is an incredible mob movie directed my Sam Mendes, starring Tom Hanks with Paul Newman in his final acting role, and boy did he deliver. This movie is powerful and was one of the first films that got me truly interested in film. This movie is one you must see.

Like the previously mentioned novel, this graphic novel was also published by an imprint of DC Comics. This series chronicles the stories of three generations of men in this family, whereas the movie only focuses on the first and his son. This series is also loosely based on a Japanese manga series called Lone Wolf and Cub.


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