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Recently I read an article here on Moviepilot about a film called Death House, which will be released sometime in 2017. It will feature one of the greatest, most iconic horror villains of all time, Michael Myers. He's been in the Halloween series of films (except Halloween III) which started off in 1978 when John Carpenter directed the first one in the franchise. That film was followed by 1981's Halloween II, directed by Rick Rosenthal. Though the second one wasn't nearly as praised and well acclaimed as the first (29% against 92% on Rotten Tomatoes), I still believe it is the better of all the films in the series and it really is an extraordinary film. Here's why...

The Story

Before we get to how awesome the story for Halloween II was, let me just tell you what I think about some of the other installments in the franchise (4, 5, and 6 in particular). I honestly didn't really like those films. The plots were just too weird for me. I understand Michael wanted to return to Haddonfield to kill his niece, but I felt it was ruined by the fact that Michael was immortal because of the Curse Of Thorn. That detail of his persona is left out in the first two installments, which basically was one film split into two parts. Michael seemed more human, yet much more mysterious as well, and that's what I love about Halloween II.

It takes place right where the first one left off, 'the night he came home.' Michael Myers awakens after getting shot by his psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis (portrayed by Donald Pleasance), and is now making his way across town murdering anyone who stands in his way to find his sister, Laurie Strode. He plans to kill her in the hospital where she is staying. He eventually finds and goes after her, but Loomis kills Michael by blowing up the hospital. The story is very simple yet unique. The climactic scene towards the ending with Michael being shot in both eyes and crying blood is an unforgettable part of the film as well.

Michael Myers Is Scary As Hell

Dick Warlock, the second man to portray The Shape, a.k.a. Michael Myers, is the best actor to have done so. In the first film, he walks with swiftness and grace, and in the rest of the films he walks much faster, so you can feel that he is angry as he brutally attacks his victims. However, to me that actually seems too cliche even for an iconic character.

In Halloween II, Michael's walk is slow, robotic, and you can't really know whether he is angry or calm, because he displays no emotion whatsoever in his mannerisms. That makes him absolutely frightening. He doesn't just attack his victims, he sneaks up on them, kills them with the element of surprise, and it is really awesome yet scary to watch.

The man does what he does. He doesn't slaughter or torture people. He finds them, murders them in just a few seconds, and leaves as if nothing happened. That is sickening and embodies what Michael is all about: pure evil and fearlessness. Here are clips of some of his best kills in the film.

The Score/Soundtrack Is Eerie, Disturbing, And Unforgettable!

The score was composed by John Carpenter for the first film in 1978 and improved upon by Alan Howarth in the second. In 1978, the soundtrack was only piano-based. But for Halloween II, though the songs are the same, they sound much scarier being played on organs and synthesizers. Each scene is accompanied by a unique and terrifying song, beautifully composed to convey the horror that the film is all about. Here is the main theme!

The Acting

I really praise the acting performances given by Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis in the film. You can really see how frightened they are of Michael as they worry about what he'll do next.

Loomis will stop at nothing to bring down Michael and keep the people of Haddonfield safe while Laurie is scared for her life when she finally meets her brother again. Every scene these two characters are in, I see nothing but great acting. Acting at its finest for an amazing horror movie. Take a look at this clip where Michael chases Laurie around the hospital trying to stab her. You can see the immense fear on her face and dreadful worry she has for her life. It seems as though Jamie Lee Curtis really was scared of Dick Warlock dressed as Michael Myers, despite knowing she was in a movie. That's how good she was at portraying Laurie Strode.

My overall consensus is that this is a truly amazing film, despite what the critics said. I love it for everything it has and I can't find a single flaw in it. Halloween II is my favorite horror film and it is one of the best of all time.


I'd love to know your choice! What's your favorite Halloween film?


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