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Netflix is on a roll with reboots and revivals these days. With the exciting news of Gilmore Girls returning to the streaming network and the soon-to-be-released Fuller House, it's not so impossible that Netflix will dig into the big networks' archives to pull out other shows and breathe new life into them. So what's on my wish list of Netflix shows to reboot? Catch the list below.

1. Ugly Betty

I was an avid fan of this quirky show starring America Ferreira when it premiered on ABC, so I was disappointed when it was given the axe after four seasons. I loved that the series touched upon controversial items throughout its run, especially as it focused on LGBT issues, such as being transgendered and coming out of the closet as a teen, all wrapped up in a comedic way. It was ahead of its time, so maybe Netflix could find a bigger audience than ABC - especially during this day and age?

2. My So Called Life

Starring a very young Claire Danes, this series was definitely not your average teeny bopper show. It made Beverly Hills 90210 look like Sesame Street. I may have been a lot younger when this show premiered, but it really gave me a brutal look at real issues that teenagers faced, such as drugs, sex, and even bullying (or in Ricky's case: gay bashing). With the evolution of social media since MSCL's life on TV, there could be a whole lot more issues to add on if this series was ever rebooted.

3. How to Make It In America

HBO did this show dirty when it canceled it. It followed a pair of young, handsome men in New York, chasing their dreams of making it big. The soundtrack was absolutely amazing as well, featuring artists such as Kid Cudi, Holy Ghost, Aloe Blacc (one of my faves), among others. Although it didn't have a big following, it's one of those shows that viewers can relate to, possibly inspiring them to follow their dreams. I'm sure there's a lot more storylines that Netflix could produce with this series if it ever gave the show a chance.

4. Sex and the City

Long live Sex and the City. Not the movies though. The Carrie Diaries doesn't count either (shame on you, CW). The series was, and still is, something I could watch every day and still laugh at all the characters' sexual experiences with the different men they've met. A reboot would be perfect especially with how people are meeting, mainly online or through mobile apps, so the stories could go in so many different directions that would make the series reboot binge-worthy in Netflix standards. (Random fact: I'm a mix of Miranda and Samantha, thank you very much.)

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I'm a bit biased about this show. I love this series to this day. Season 3 was my favorite, especially since it was all about "slayer versus slayer." Technically, the series was rebooted into comic book form, so why can't Netflix adapt it and still be able to catch the same audience from the original series? Plus, in the Buffyverse, there are tons of women now that they are imbued with slayer's powers so they could produce so many more storylines beyond the comic book.

What other shows would you like to see revived by Netflix? Let me know in the comments below!


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