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The Golden Avenger!

He is one of the greatest avengers of all time and here are of his greatest moments!

10: MK VII suit up!

Who didn't wet their pants when Tony Stark put on this awesome suit! It's still an amazing scene!

9: IronMan vs Whiplash

It doesn't matter what you think about Iron Man 2, this fight is awsome! It's short and sweet and has that cool suit case suit up!

8: escape from the terrorist organization!

It's an amazing scene when Tony stark escapes from the terrorist organization that captured him. He has now risen a new man. Iron Man!

7: MK III suit up!

It was the first time we saw Tony Stark suit up with the iconic red and yellow armor! Ahhhh!

6: HulkBuster vs Hulk!

It's iron man fighting another Avenger! What more do you want! It the best thing ever!

5: The Iron Legion!

It's the best scene in iron man 3 that makes sense! (Sorry helicopter fight)

4: Iron Man Gulmira fight!

It was the first time we saw a fully functional Iron man suit in action and it was amazing! It looks and sounds great!

3: Saving New York!

It was a tense and heart breaking scene when he carried the Nuke through the portal! It shows what kind of hero Tony Stark is! The iron man!

2: Iron Man vs Thor!

It was an action packed battle to the death but with great quips back and forth between iron man and Thor! Everyone wooooooooooo-ed!!!

1: Avengers Initiative

Enough said.

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