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Now that an upcoming Sandman film is coming with Joseph Gordon Levitt Directing,Producing and possibly starring in it, let's see who will be playing the Endless from the comic's (in my personal opinion)

Tom Hiddleston as Dream

Hiddleston would be perfect for the role of the main protagonist only need to have longhair identical to the comic and besides he's freaking Loki for god's sakes.

Michael Fassbender as Destiny

Destiny was very to cast since he's portray in his late 30 - early 40's and i choose Fassbender for the role even thought it wasn't my choice though he does fit the role especially being going to portrait a hooded character in the upcoming Assassin Creed movie.

Brianna Hildebrand as Death

Admit it we all love her performance as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the now box office hit Deadpool she look so goth that's why i cast her for the role of the female Grim Reaper and the oldest sister of the Endless.

Domhnall Gleeson as Destruction

Domhnall is definitely perfect for the role of Ginger Endless love his performance of last year box office hit Ex_Machina, The Revenant and obviously Star Wars The Force Awakens only thing is to buff up a little.

Ruby Rose as Desire

Best Known for her performance as Stella Carlin in Netflix hit Orange is The New Black outside of her native Land Down Under, Rose has nearly exactly the same look than the androgynous endless beside she's "Genderfluid".

Fairuza Balk as Despair

Again like Destiny case above Despair was also difficult to be cast very hard to found someone until i cast Balk for the role love her performance on The Craft i imagine her playing the character in CGI.

Taissa Farmiga as Delirium

I Don't Know why but Taissa resemble a lot like Delirium herself in the comic's but with Multi-Color hair and she's perfect for the role.


Do you have you own casting choice for The Endless and which one do you pictured the most??


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