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D.J. Nichols

We live in an age where racism is unfortunately a prevalent issue. Some people are criticized for talking about it too much, while others are criticized for not talking about it enough. Needless to say our nation is dealing with a lot of racial tension, and has for quite a while. Look no further than awards season for film. After the announcement of the Oscar nominees, the Academy has been scrutinized for its lack of representation of minorities.

Now let's be honest here, it is no secret that the Academy mostly consists of old white men. This is fine, but leaves a lot of diversity to be desired, and will always be the first thing to be mentioned when subjects of racial representation come up. But when on this topic there are some questions we must ask ourselves.

  • Is this debacle worth it?
  • Were there any minorities actually deserving of an Oscar?
  • What are we doing to diversify Hollywood?

Let it be clear that I am not here to take a stance, but these are just some questions I have pondered over for a while. Some people want equal representation everywhere, which in theory is fantastic, but then what happens to the theory of "best man (or woman) for the job"? There is a reason minorities are called minorities. If there was equal representation of races they wouldn't be called minorities. Yet that is just the way it goes sometimes. Sometimes life isn't fair, and sometimes you don't get a trophy for participation.

I am of the school of thought that the race or gender should not determine who gets the spot on the team or the role in the film or job in the office. My point that I would like to emphasize is that we need to check where our hearts are at when we decide to pick a side on issues like this. Do we want equality for the sake of inclusion, or for the sake of betterment. Most will say the second, but subconsciously might only be in it for inclusion. Just some food for thought for you friends. Hopefully this doesn't come across as ignorant or uninformed as I'm of mixed ethnicity, which basically makes me a minority of a minority.

I challenge you all to think on your motives and agendas before taking a stance on something.


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