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D.J. Nichols

A few months before the release of The Force Awakens, my roommate confessed to me that he hadn't seen a single Star Wars film. I couldn't believe it. Fortunately we were with some other friends of ours who were also huge Star Wars fans and we dedicated the time until the movie release date to catching him up on the saga. Let me tell you something. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had watching them with him.

We began with the original trilogy and decided to watch them in that order. He was hooked from the first film on. His mind was absolutely blown when Darth Vader revealed that he was Luke's father. I honestly didn't know there was a person alive that didn't know that, which was incredible for me to see. when we began Episode 1 and were introduced to Obi-Wan for the first time, he couldn't believe that he was so cool when he was younger. The addition that Leia was Luke's sister the whole time was also a crazy moment for him. His excitement for the inevitable fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin had him pumped up beyond belief. I got to hear first hand what were the favorite parts of a viewer with no prior knowledge of the films.

My point in sharing this with you guys is that it restored my faith in film, that movies old and new can still bring awe and joy to someone who really could care less otherwise. I had forgotten what child-like excitement about Star Wars was like until this experience, and it is something I will always remember. I can't wait until I have children one day to expose these incredible films to. I got to relearn what it means to truly enjoy the magic of cinema once again.


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