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courtesy of Fox

So many out there (and you know who you are) feel that Sleepy Hollow has lost its way from the bats**t crazy season one, and to a certain level I cannot disagree. Last season spent waaay too much time away from what makes the show special - the crackling chemistry between Abbie and Crane. For my money the relationship they have is the most dynamic and funny and emotional of any non-romantic couple on the tube today.

This season is slowly making its way back to the glory of season one, but again the showrunners dropped the ball by separating Abbie and Crane - enough! The show works when the Witnesses are together fighting evil while wise-cracking all the way to victory.

Now that Abby is back from the catacombs they can begin to repair their fractured relationship and move forward. The PTSD that Abbie is battling adds depth to the character for sure, and the way Nicole Beharie commands the screen with her intensity is a joy to behold.

While on a run Abbie is drawn by her sorta former boss Daniel into an investigation of a series of Lovers Lane killings in the Hollow. Vics hacked to pieces in a way that is very familiar to Abbie - the same MO as the supernatural being 'The Kindred' (created by Benjamin Franklin back in the day) that our duo resurrected in season two to dispatch The Headless Horseman! Not good.

Abbie and Crane meet up back at Chez Witness and discover through various lore that The Kindred over time develops human qualities - he IS stitched together from various human parts after all. They figure out that he wants what we all want -wait for it - cue the Jefferson Airplane - "Somebody to Love" Awww.

This leads us to Zoe - the lady who was warm for Crane's form last season. An awkward quasi breakup with Ich in the first act sets the stage for ol' Benjamin Franklin-stein to train his mismatched eyes on her for a mate! Not good part deux.

And you guessed it-Kindred takes Zoe to his lair to look at fabric swatches for their new pad. Crane and Abbie find more lore suggesting that Franklin anticipated his creation's encroaching humanity and stitched together a squeeze for him named 'The Kindress'. They find her, resurrect her, not thinking of how badly this turned out last time, and lure Franklin-stein to Kindress using a 'glass harmonium' (stolen by Jenny and Abe), a musical instrument also invented by Ben to chill out his monsters when they get too frisky. What DIDN'T this guy think of?

What follows is one of the most bizarre scenes in the history of the show. Check this out.

courtesy of Fox
courtesy of Fox

Now that's what I'm talking about! Kindred bows, takes her hand, and then we get to see zombies suck face! Which leads to the line of the night -

Crane: 'Well, that was odd', delivered as only Tom Mison can.

The Hidden One watches the happy undead couple walk off into the sunset and in a fit of pique blows 'em up good.

The last act features Daniel welcoming Abbie back to the Bureau, while dropping in the fact that he's loved her for years. That kinda went over like a lead balloon-time will tell on that nugget. Zoe and Crane also bid each other farewell, with Z basically telling Crane to make a move on Abbie. But since the beginning it has been said that The Witnesses are destined to be alone, so odds of a Crane/Abbie hookup are as remote as Kindred and Kindress getting stitched back together.

One more thing:

Final scene-Abbie cuts her finger and while Crane gets a band-aid Abbie realizes she drew the symbol from the catacombs with her blood on the table. Not good part 3.


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