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One of the most interesting and sought out pairings in the whole Harry Potter series was Ron and Hermione, or "Romionie" as the fandom calls them. After seven books of tension and allusions JK Rowling finally patched them together. To the dismay of Romionie fans, and praise of Harmionie fans everywhere, Rupert Grint, Ron Weasley, never found them to be a good pairing. I personally, believe that Ron and Hermionie are a great match and heres why.

They had been set up from the start, they always had their problems but they were great. They make dysfunctionally functional couple and Hermione always adored Ron. For them to be with any one other than eachother is asking for problems. Ron comes from a large family, and JKR already had set them up to be the typical wizarding nuclear family before she ended the series. Ron always had a soft spot for his family, therefore i dont foresee him leaving his own children due to an "unhappy marriage".

Another point I'd like to touch on would be the Harmionie fans' aruguement "they always fought alot in the books!". Couples argue and bicker, especially our beloved Ron and Hermionie. Even with the bickering they do, they always come back to a standpoint of being best friends. Ron also had grown alot throughout the series, showing probably some of the slowest character development from child to boy to man in a series i have ever read or encountered. In this time he has shown his deepest fear when he destroys the horcrux of Slytherins Locket, would be losing Hermionie to another man, specifically Harry. This iconic scene happens in the Forest of Dean, after Ron makes his return and rescues Harry while hes retrieving the Sword of Gryffindor.

Ron may have his quirks and flaws, but don't we all? Hermionie loves him anyways and in my opinion, theres no way theyll be leaving eachother any time soon.


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