ByCaleb Belcher, writer at

It's entirely predictable that our favorite actors will indeed hang it up at some point. I've come to terms with this fact & the fact that we will never get exactly what we all want with any one film; my brother & I longed to see a Deadpool movie before it was even announced that there would be a X-Men Origins Wolverine film. We knew Ryan Reynolds was perfect to play Wade Wilson since Just Friends! Did we get what we wanted right away? No. My point is the only way to deal with this is to face the facts & prepare for change. Start doing research on who can act, is willing to really get ripped & isn't too young to play Wolverine. I don't have anyone truly in mind because I don't get paid for that but I usually make great casting choices with no audience to applaud me. Some are saying Tom Hardy. The guy is a tremendous actor & he's great with accents in my opinion however, I'm not convinced. I do have a challenge, has anyone seen Sean Penn in The Gunman? That guy was in great shape for the film & he's got good height for Wolverine & acting chops. If you Have seen the film then think about the physical scenes with the fighting. Good stuff. My point is that there are options out there.


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