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Bubble Guppies is a rare sort of show in my opinion. As a father, I have had to suffer through some seriously corny rubbish television - everything from Color Crew to Caillou and, let me tell ya, Bubble Guppies is refreshing.

What makes Bubble Guppies so good? A combination of humor that is charming and music that is super catchy.

Pinkfoot trades songs for S'mores
Pinkfoot trades songs for S'mores

The humor hits the mark with this show because it isn't "cutesy" style humor that adults would typically be quick to dismiss as sigh-worthy. For instance, in a special episode titled "Bubble Guppy's Fin-tastic Fairy Tale!" guest star Wanda Sykes lends her voice to the mean witch. The mean witch's mission is to turn everybody on Earth into a frog - simple, silly conflict that the guppies must resolve before it is too late. The humor? You mean besides Wanda Sykes voicing a mean witch on a kid's show? Just listen to the song the witch's army of lobster scientists sings about her :

The music for Bubble Guppies is on point all the time. Part of what made this show stand out to me was that the songs would remain lodged in my head hours after the episode was over. One of my favorite songs from the show is "Underguppy Realm" is from the episode titled "The Puppy And The Ring" - and it is a perfect example of what makes Bubble Guppies great. "Welcome to my spectacular grotto / it's a little peculiar but I like it a lot-oh!"


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