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Carter and Jarvis walk into a trap,

Under Whitney Frost’s control, her Council has become more aggressive in its operations. While she feigns mourning of her husband lost at sea, her new attack dogs, Vernon Masters and Joseph Manfredi take on the job of muscle. Vernon Masters’ first order of business, get information out of the captured Dotty Underwood. Much to his surprise, his torture techniques prove useless against her, giving Dotty a fun time toying and emasculating Masters. Whitney Frost steps in, sending Masters to retrieve the stolen bombs, and uses her manipulation of Zero Matter to learn what she wants from Dotty, the survival and current state of Dr. Wilkes.

Back at Stark’s lab, Dr. Wilkes has constructed a containment chamber to render him tangible again, successfully restoring his physical being, but trapped within the chamber until he can figure out how to fully restore him, but after a kiss from Carter and a good meal, he seems patient. And he’ll have to be, as the tracking beacon attached to Dotty Underwood’s collar has been reactivated.

Carter and Jarvis know full well they are walking into a trap and are ready, thanks to one of Stark’s inventions that sends a powerful concussive blast. As they jet off to rescue an ungrateful Dotty, they leave behind a worried Ana and Dr. Wilkes behind. Both pairs are given the chance to speak candidly about the various situations they find themselves in, Ana and Jason worried about Carter and Jarvis, Jarvis and Carter figuring out the romantic triangle Carter finds herself in. As the rescue mission goes awry, Sousa has his own situation in dealing with Vernon Masters, who’s taken control of the S.S.R.

“Monsters” tests the resolve of its characters, pushing them individually to their limits and showing whether they will break. Beginning with the impressive resistance to torture that Dotty shows, she breaks at the pain of Whitney Frost’s touch. Sousa stands for himself against the system who literally beats him down to try and dissuade him from going against them, and the love of Ana and Jarvis, Ana who worries about the danger her husband goes in, but stays strong for him, and how quickly fiercely Jarvis cares for Ana, and what he will do to protect her.

So far, next to strong characters like Carter, Dotty, and Whtiney Frost, Ana has stood out as a fantastic addition to the cast. A strong woman, but not in the sense of physical prowess, fighting bad guys, but in her character, her submissive control of Jarvis, of keeping positive while worrying for her husband.

And now, if you’ll excuse a burst of fanboy reaction…

If anything happens to Ana, I will LOSE it!


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