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This is a continuation of (Part 1) discussing what I believe to be the best damn sitcom this side of the Mississippi. Since 121 episodes have aired, I'm picking out the superior piece from each season.

Season 6: The Gang Buys A Boat

Technically the A Very Sunny Christmas special is lumped into Season 6, and that was quite an alarmingly funny and informative story about all the characters' tortured Christmases. Still, I'm awarding The Gang Buys A Boat the winner because it aired on television, unlike the X-mas special. I love Dee's dancing, Charlie scuba-diving for the keys but only finding the trash that Dee's throwing out the boat window, and Dennis' quest for women. It's no surprise it all goes up in flames.

Season 7: The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore

"Let's strut the beach" and "Rum Ham!" are precious quotes my friends still bellow when the time is right. The gang aren't particularly jerks in this adventure, but so much crap happens to them. The best story line involves Dennis and Dee's fond memories of being utterly destroyed. Charlie's perfect night with The Waitress is a heartwarming addition, which is a rare occasion the characters don't get to have. Charlie relishes the moment, even after she freaks out telling him she was high.

Season 8: The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre

Such a well crafted episode and unique style of filming. Of course the McPoyles are a force in this. The "wacked" out family continues to be insane, creating a zombie-like atmosphere with chaos erupting everything. Told at a police station, through confession-like flashbacks, the gang try to describe what happened so Dennis isn't pinned for murder. It's as funny as it is action-driven, which makes it stand above the others from this season.

Season 9: Mac Day

As the series progressed, the gang has had their attributes, both good and bad, exposed to a high degree. Mac is revealed to be a closeted gay man and with the presence of Country Mac, his cousin, we see the version of Mac he wishes he could be. He's better at everything Mac ever attempts, until he dies. An extremely close runner-up primarily for its intelligence is The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award. It's pretty much a parody of why that haven't won any Emmy awards, even with high audience acclaim.

Season 10: Charlie Work

This episode surpasses all of them in terms of its technical skill and style. It's a brilliant episode with what looks like a tracking shot for the duration of the episode. "The Gang Group Dates is also an awesome exposé on Dennis' sociopath tendencies, rage, and insecurities, but it just can't match the achievement of Charlie Work. It's really neat that Charlie, Glenn, and Rob still have a creative spark and experiment with the show without losing the quality they established.

Well, that's all for one of the best TV shows. Season 11 is airing now and so far "Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs" has exceeded my high expectations, so keep watching!


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