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Spoiler Alert: Careful for Spoilers if you haven't seen the last couple of episodes of The Flash .. you have been WARNED!

Now, that we have got that out of the way, let's talk about that mysterious man with that weird iron mask we saw during the last two episodes of the Flash. The only question bothering the Flash fans more than "Who's Zoom?" is "Who's under that iron mask?"

During the last two episodes of the Flash, we saw Barry, Cisco and Harry (Earth 2 Harrison Wells) travel to Earth 2 in order to save Harry's daughter, Jessie. At the end of the first episode of the two-parter Earth 2 story (Welcome to Earth 2), we saw Zoom capture the Flash and take him to the place where he kept Jessie and that other man captive, where we we first got to meet him.

While that man can be almost ANYONE from both the Earths of the Flarrowverse which now also includes Supergirl and Constantine, the character would most likely be someone we know from The Flash.

But the search for the true identity was narrowed down a bit in the 2nd episode, Escape from Earth 2, in which many failed to notice but a few eagled-eyed viewers caught a glimpse of the hair of that man - and it's Blonde!

As you can see in the picture above, the man under that mask has blonde hair. Could it be Jay, Henry or even Eddie?

Here are the characters I think could be under that mask:

  • Henry Allen (Earth 1)
  • Henry Allen (Earth 2)
  • The Real Jay Garrick
  • Hunter Zolomon
  • Eddie Thawne (Earth 1)
  • Eddie Thawne (Earth 2)

Let me know who you think is under that mask.

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Who do you think is under that iron mask?


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