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Darryl and Rick went on a road trip, met a new “friend,” Carl helped reunite a family, and Rick and Michonne finally hooked up; another great episode of The Walking Dead!

When last week's episode ended, the citizens of Alexandria fended off an onslaught of the dead. During that time, poor Carl lost one eye and Rick lost his love interest. This episode begins with a brief time jump as one month has passed and Carl has somewhat recovered, now wearing an eyepatch and is being a big brother to baby Judith. Michonne seems to also be playing house with Rick and the family as she is under the same roof, asking for Rick to pick up toothpaste for his next supply run while in her bathrobe. After other members of the Alexandria community make their wish lists for their supply run, Rick and Daryl go off looking for supplies.

On the road it feels almost like a buddy cop movie, and Daryl and Rick pump music loudly as they begin looking for medical supplies and grain. The mutter to each other about the “law of averages” with the hopes that they will get supplies or run into good people. It looks like they are in luck for both. After they find a truck loaded with supplies and a vending machine with both chips and sodas, they run into a stranger.

Here’s where the audience first meets comic book fan favorite Paul “Jesus” Rovia (in the comic book his last name was Monroe). He seems like a decent person, even warning them about 10 walkers about to come up on their position, until her robs Rick and Daryl of their truck leaving them stranded. The episode continues with Rick and Daryl running on foot after the van and eventually catching up with Jesus. After one fight where Jesus pretty much beasts Rick and Daryl single-handedly, it’s pretty clear that Jesus is built for the apocalypse. Rick and Daryl gain the upper hand and tie him up and leave him on the road, only to find out that Jesus got out of his restraints and hitched a ride on the top of the van. After another struggle (which is pretty funny), they end up losing the van (and supplies) in a lake and knock Jesus out. Rick sees something in Jesus, whether it’s his fighting skills or the fact that he’s too clean shaven to be out on his own, and decides to take him back to Alexandria.

At Alexandria, Spencer Monroe has ventured out of the gates with a shovel. Michonne follows him to see what he is doing. During the same time Carl has also headed outside. When the three cross paths they realize that both Spencer and Carl saw Spencer’s mother Deanna, but now walking as one of the undead. Michonne helps Spencer perform a mercy killing for his mother and give her a proper burial. Afterwards, when she makes it home, Michonne chastises Carl for going outside. During the discussion, she yells at Carl for not killing undead Deanna in which he says that she should have been killed by someone she loved and that he would do the same for her. It’s been clear for some time that Michonne has acted like a pseudo-mother for Carl, but that scene solidified it not only for the audience but for Michonne as well.

After Rick and Daryl lock up Jesus, Rick heads back into the house where he and Michonne unwind from the day’s events. They pretty much act how a married couple would after a long day’s work. Although they don’t get too much in detail on their separate adventures, they share that moment and unwind together. Rick does end up giving her some breath savers candy (since he couldn’t get her toothpaste) and during that moment they hold hands.

And so begin what most fans of the show (and comic book) have wanted to see for years. Rick and Michonne took their relationship to the next level and truly spent the night together. The next morning shows the two afterwards in bed, when they are woken up by Jesus (who once again freed himself) telling them they “needed to talk.”

This episode has a different tone than the previous one. Last week’s episode was full of action and peril. This one was much more light-hearted and even funny a few times. Rick and Michonne hooking up will rub some comic purists the wrong way. One reason is because the two never got together in the comic book. They always had a platonic relationship and had great admiration for each other. After all, at this point in the comic, Michonne’s boyfriend ended up being Morgan, and will eventually be Ezekiel (hopefully we’ll meet that character next season because Shiva will be awesome). However on the television show their relationship feel much more organic and this would be the natural conclusion for it.

The introduction of Jesus was great as well. When it was first announced that he would be joining, I was unsure if they would make him the same badass he was from the comics who is Rick’s right-hand-man. After all, we already have Daryl for that role. But within one scene, they showed just how capable his character will be. Not only was he able to take down Rick and Daryl, but he also has been able to escape their custody twice, so expect much from him. Although actor Tom Payne seemed skinnier than his comic book counterpart, he seems up to the job. Based on the preview, it looks like we will be meeting Jesus’ group (the Hiltop Colony) soon enough and meet a whole new group of characters (good and bad) and the show will continue to amaze us.


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