ByJake Kelley, writer at

the first ten minuets of Shaun of the dead is important be cause it sums up the movie quickly and with out reveling to much. starting with the opening creepy music to their open on the Winchester the place the characters try to get to through the whole movie. also it has line that are repeated later in the movie in more important relevance ex nick says fuck bullox and cock it as Shaun girl friend is delivering a speech on why their relationship isn't working currently and what needs to change, later in the movie at the Winchester the same words are repeated in order as Shaun fires the gun, this is also repeated shortly after this scene after shaun shambles to the bathroom at his london flat and is told "you got work" by frost character using fast cuts to quick action edgar wright seeds up the mundane moring ritual and after he speaks to his other flat mate he speak so nick frost character ed who is playing a first person shooter video game and says top left reload and nice shot witch are repeated by the group as shaun fires in the winchester. i geuss what im trying to say is this ten of this movie is important to me because it tought me that the dialog doesent have to be orignal or even that great its all about timing and relavance to the story.


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