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Christian Gunn

Well, this is my first post. So you all are thinking to your self that this is a stupid agreement. Well I'm about to prove you otherwise, so please hear me out on this one and I promise to keep this short and sweet.

George Lucas wrote "along time ago in a galaxy far far away" so what did he say that makes this theory true? Well it's not what he said, it's what he didn't say that makes all the difference. He didn't say "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away in another dimension or universe" so he is implying that star wars is in our universe but only in the past.

Star trek is also in our universe, only it is set in the future, the far future. And it is in our galaxy, Star wars is in another galaxy also. With that being said our galaxy may be right next door to the Star wars galaxy.

Now Yoda has visited our galaxy before because in the movie e.t. e.t. saw a child wearing a Yoda mask and immediately reconized who Yoda was. So now that these two giant movie series are now merged what would happen if they met and had an intergalactic war?


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