ByJay Mac, writer at

It Is Monday Night Feb. 22nd 2016, and i am on the last episode of Terra Nova. I was excited to watch the next season but come to find out its the "LAST F ING EPISODE"! Something needs to be done about this! I can honsetly say this show can be one of the greats like "Supernatural" or "The Walking Dead". Now if anyone cares or ever see's this so called review i want that person to truly know that this show needs to make a come back for 2016! I want who ever reads this to help make a difference and try like i am trying to get this show back on the road. If i didn't really care for this show you wouldn't see me taking the time to pause the show to write this review. This show absolutely brings out the kid in me filed with adventure seeking justice for the people of Terra Nova. Too much money and time has been spent on the show for them to just end it like this. And if this review makes no difference then this would be for no reason. I am just a 19 year old kid from Anaheim Ca. I mean i have nothing to prove nor do i have any power... Just looking for this show to come back as I'd love to. Please make a change and bring it back!


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