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Tun tun tun tun! It's FRIDAY! Congratulations, you have survived yet another week of school, work, or life in general. Anyhow, here at we're all about looking forward, and ahead of us is the weekend. YESSS! Now, what better way to start off the weekend than with a list of 10 fantastic posts by some of our equally as fantastic new Creators. Without further ado, let's have at this week's cream of the crop. Be sure to check out their awesome articles and to show them some well-deserved love.

Superhero Or A Superjerk: Watching 'Deadpool' with Sigmund Freud BY Lazyabeats

Deadpool and Sigmund Freud. Now there's two things you probably didn't think you'd hear in one sentence. These two men are however at the centre of Creator Lazyabeats' article. He starts off his article with the following: "According to Freud «Superego», it is a part of consciousness, which represents the moral rectitude of the inner superman. But why, then, perfect heroes seem to us so vanilla boring?". Deadpool is anything but boring, which makes his article and his references to Sigmund Freud all the more fascinating to read. Is Deadpool a superhero or superjerk, you tell me?

These Things Are In Every Single Ghibli Film - Part 1 BY Imola Unger

There's a good reason why Studio Ghibli is loved and adored by fans all over the world. From its beautifully crafted animated films to its engaging storylines, Studio Ghibli has the rare ability to tug at your heartstrings and to make you feel all the feels. Whilst exploring the studio, Creator Imola noticed an interesting thing, recurring themes and symbols, such as flying, makeup and jewelry, and the industrial revolution. If you're a fan of anime and enjoy the occasional Studio Ghibli movie then you're going to want to check out Imola's article. I promise you won't regret it.

Is Jason Todd Behind The Taunting of Bats in the Batman vs Superman Trailer? BY Dickie Holmes

Some time ago it was reported that Warner Bros were eager to base their upcoming solo Batfleck film on the infamous "Under The Hood" story-line. People who have watched the Batman v Superman trailer will have noticed the scene the image above depicts. Many believe this to be the work of the Joker, but what if it is not. Creator Dickie Holmes has got a theory that might link this act of vandalism to no one other than Jason Todd. Warner Bros might want us to think it is the Joker but they could be trying to trick us. Is Zack Snyder giving fans visual clues without us even realizing? Be sure to check out Dickie's post and don't forget to weigh in on the matter.

Where Was Domino in Deadpool? Right in Front of Your Face, and You Still Missed It! BY Kyle Jones

I FINALLY got around to watching Deadpool this weekend and, well, it was epic, and awesome, a hilarious. From Weasel to Vanessa, from Collusus to Wade himself, oh and let's not forget Dopinder, the characters were great. However, according to Creator Kyle Jones, someone was missing, Domino was missing. Or was she? Be sure to check out Kyle's interesting theory on the matter and don't forget to share your own opinion with us. We'd love to hear what you think. Was Domino there all along without us even knowing it?

'SHADOWS' The Multi Award Winning Short Film BY ShadowsTheMovie

Here at we've got great appreciation for cool, creative projects and short films, in whatever genre, are a huge part of that ever-growing list of awesome content. Shadows is an adrenaline fueled short film inspired by actual news headlines about Edward Snowden, phone hacks and other related incidents. Sounds like a real thrill ride to me. Interested in learning more about this award winning short, then be sure to check out their article and don't forget to show them some love in the comments.

With Deadpool's Success, Would Marvel Be Willing to Adapt Grittier Stories Like Circle of Four? BY Paulsballz

Deadpool is a success, even the haters can't deny that. For an r-rated superhero blockbuster it is making a-lot of cha-ching and fans are loving it. The question new Creator Paulsballz in asking in his article is whether or not Deadpool's success has opened the doors for more. How about iconic Marvel story line Circle of Four, something a a wider audience might not be too familiar with. Die-hard comic book fans would however be raring to see Circle of Four brought to life. We know Marvel can pull it off, they've proven that with Deadpool, but what do YOU think? Which gritty comic would you like to see on the big screen?

These Are My Favorite Movie Posters of 2015 BY Ricardo Du Toit

If you're into poster art than this is the post for you. 2015 was a great year for film; Mad Fax: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron and American Ultra, but it was an EVEN better year for poster art. I'm talking both fan created fan art as well as official movie posters here, because one is often just as awesome as the other. In his post, Creator Ricardo Du Toit has compiled a list of his favorite movie posters of 2015 and there are some real gems there that you are going to want to check out. Be sure to check out his post and don't forget to let him know what YOUR favorite poster was.

The Real Reason Superman's Identity Is A Secret (And Why Dawn Of Justice Needs To Happen) BY Robert Cook, Jr.

Following the last Batman v Superman trailer I can honestly say that I'm excited to see Dawn of Justice. Following 2013's Man of Steel fans were left with a couple of questions, one of them being, "Why does no one recognize Clark Kent is Superman?". New Creator Robert Cook, Jr. takes a detailed look at one of our favorite superheroes, the importance of the Dark Knight and the reason why this world needs Dawn of Justice. Be sure to check out his post and don't forget to put in your own two cents. We'd love to hear what you have to say on the matter.

Jared Leto: Is He Worthy of Being the New Joker? BY Gabriella Macomber

We're going to have to wait until August until we actually get to see Jared Leto in action as the Joker in the highly-anticipated Suicide Squad but that does not stop us from discussing what he might be like. Creator Gabriella Macomber takes a look at several actors who have previously portrayed the merciless trickster on the big screen and then moves on to discuss Leto. I for one am beyond excited to see the entire squad in action and I think that Leto, being an Oscar-winning actor, will absolutely kill it!

Anime: "Oh, It's That Japan Cartoon..." BY LeyLA

I have to admit, I am not all too familiar with anime and all that it has to offer. Though I've heard only positive things about the genre and i'm ready to learn more about it. Luckily new Creator LeyLA is here to help me, and anyone who's with me, discover the beautiful and magical world that is anime. From Spirited Away to Naruto, and from My Neighbor Totoro to Pokemon, anime is much more than just "that Japanese cartoon that everyone's always going on about". I'd encourage everyone to check out LeyLA's interesting article, and don't forget to welcome her to the platform.

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