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Karly Rayner

Deadpool might be all about gleefully smearing himself with the blood and entrails of his enemies, but makeup maestro Kay Pike has chosen to pay homage to the erratic superhero with paint instead.

In a time lapse that pumps along to 100 percent Deadpool approved tunes, Pike transforms herself into an on-point Lady Deadpool with eye-popping speed thanks to the help of time lapse technology.

Pike's use of layers of contrasting colors to create depth results in some of the most impressive body canvas paints I've ever seen, and you can see how she gradually builds up the tone from the GIF below.

Check out the whole painting process for yourself in the video below and don't forget to check out Pike's other work on her Facebook and Twitter pages:

Is this the best Deadpool body paint you've ever seen?

(Source: Hex Jam)


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