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Shia LaBeouf struck an art student across the face during his latest performance art piece, ',' but the dude in question was totally asking for it. No really, he literally was.

LeBeouf stationed himself in an elevator at the Oxford Union alongside his artistic allies Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner for over 24 hours and responded to hundreds requests ranging from the genuinely sweet to the savage, but one fellow artist had by far the weirdest request.

Shia connects with fans in the elevator
Shia connects with fans in the elevator

After introducing himself as a "performance artist," the unnamed student asked Shia to sock him in the chops for the sake of his creative practice, he asked:

"Can you help me with the completion of my next piece by punching me in the face?"

A clearly uncomfortable LaBeouf wasn't down with the idea of giving a total stranger a knuckle sandwich, he replied:

"Oh man - you want me to punch you in the face? I don't want to punch you very hard. I don't like doing it to you dude. I just met you."

Eventually, responding to peer pressure from the rest of the group, Shia deigned to give the student a smack with his blessed palm. Check out the full exchange in the video below:

Naturally, there were plenty of other off-the-wall moments from the 24 hours spent nestled in the elevator shaft and below is a range, from the most inspiring the downright irrelevant.

Cock or Ball?

You know that game where you guess if your looking at sack or schlong? Turns out Shia's not very good at that one.

Smashing Gender Stereotypes

When Shia explained how gender stereotypes are bad for everyone, including men who are often taught to suppress their feelings.

Hungry For Hippos

Every wondered what Shia's favorite board game is? Now you know!

"I used to love Hungry Hungry Hippos. You ever play that game? That was the FUCKING game. It’s fire."

Healing The Sick

One student had a friend who was sick in the hospital and gutted to miss Shia, but she got an adorable message to perk her up. LaBeouf spoke to her through the camera and said:

"Andrea, hi! We don't really know each other, I'm Shia. I heard you're sick - that's not cool. I hope you get well real soon."


Would you let Shia LaBeouf punch you in the face?

(Source: Vulture)


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