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With all of the talk about Deadpool's box office success changing the playing field for R-rated movies, it's worth remembering the films that couldn't even get to that position. Refusal to conform to strict MPAA demands results in an NC-17 rating and prevents standard theatrical release.

Though this is by no means a comprehensive list, check out some of the extreme horror movies that were slapped with an NC-17...

1. Frontier(s)

Released: 2007

Country Of Origin: France

What Gave It The NC-17? A family of Nazis merrily brutalize a bunch of unsuspecting youths fleeing urban France after a spate of racial violence. Think a francophile's Texas Chainsaw Massacre with one of the most hardcore final girls ever put to screen.

2. Trouble Every Day

Released: 2001

Country Of Origin: France

What Gave It The NC-17? The scene where a woman interrupts sex by biting out her partner's tongue probably had something to do with it.

3. A Serbian Film

Released: 2010

Country Of Origin: Serbia

What Gave It The NC-17? 'Newborn Porn.' Let's hope that this is a concept only dreamed up within the confines of A Serbian Film. Beautifully shot and fiercely political, A Serbian Film is one of those films that everyone is sure they won't like until they actually watch it. For a blow-by-blow account of all the rancid shit that goes down in Srdjan Spasojevic's masterpiece, see here.

4. 100 Tears

Released: 2007

Country Of Origin: United States

What Gave It The NC-17? Low on budget and high on guts, Gurdy the clown comes tramping into town with a meat cleaver the size of the outer Hebrides. Carnage and a rather confusing storyline ensue.

5. Man Bites Dog

Released: 1992

Country Of Origin: Belgium

What Gave It The NC-17? Don't be fooled by the black and white cinematography; this Belgian mockumentary about possibly the most annoying man in the entire world stretches 'black comedy' to its limits.

6. Murder Set Pieces

Released: 2004

Country Of Origin: United States

What Gave It The NC-17? In its total sublimation of every storytelling device in favor of gore, Murder Set Pieces most closely resembles video nasties such as Blood Sucking Freaks or the oeuvre of Herschell Gordon Lewis; not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly not for everyone.

7. Grotesque

Released: 2009

Country Of Origin: Japan

What Gave It The NC-17? From start to finish, this Japanese grossfest subjects its audience to an unceasing stream of mindless violence, including (but not limited to) necklaces of fingers, severed nipples, repulsive sexual torture, and dismembering. For a full breakdown of Grotesque, see here.

8. Chained

Released: 2012

Country Of Origin: Canada

What Gave It The NC-17? This brilliantly excruciating study of sadism from Boxing Helena director Jennifer Lynch is the only film I've ever had to turn off, take a deep breath, and turn back on again. From the rest of this list alone, you can probably tell that's saying something.

What's your favorite NC-17 horror movie?

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