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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Episode 10, Season 6 of 'The Walking Dead.'

Something different is going on in The Walking Dead: In Episode 10 of Season 6, we get not a death but a new character! No wonder this miracle is called Jesus.

Introducing The Good Shepherd

The latest episode, titled "The Next World," introduces Paul Rovia, a.k.a. Jesus (Tom Payne), pretty much in the same way as the comics, where he was revealed in Issue 91.

There's a few differences, though, as his name in the comics is Paul Monroe (it has probably been changed so as to not cause confusion in regards to whether he's related to Deanna Monroe, which he is not). Plus, his first encounter in the comics is with Abraham and Michonne, but here he first stumbles upon Rick and Daryl.

A Rough Start...

Beginning with a fight between Rick and Daryl surely doesn't do our new character any favors in the trust department, but it does show that Jesus will play an important role in episodes to come.

...But A Good Guy

It turns out he doesn't use any of the opportunities he has to kill members of the Alexandria community, even though he manages to escape them. And surprise them naked (cough, cough). This goes to show his intentions are quite different from the first impression that he gave. Jesus is a good guy!

To The Hilltop Community!

Jesus comes from another community, which makes his arrival crucial for Rick and co. It's possible we'll get a glimpse of this community in coming episodes, but until then we'll have to see how long it's going to take until the hero and the newcomer can trust each other.

The Arrival Of Jesus Is A Big Step Forward

Ultimately, revealing Jesus's canniness and the new community behind him represents a big step forward for Rick and the beleaguered Alexandrians. Jesus means business, and building an alliance will prove useful to Rick in his fight for survival... and against Negan. Can't. Wait.

You can watch a breakdown below of the Jesus character by Comicbook:

What impression did you get from Jesus in this new episode?

Source: Comicbook


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