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Deadpool is not only shaking up the future for superhero movies' ratings, but it may even radicalize their soundtracks.

To embellish the wayward mutant character, far-out sounds were chosen based around vintage digital synthesizers. Their futuristic pulses were first used by synth giants like Michael Jackson and Van Halen!

Junkie XL, a.k.a. Tom Holkeonborg, is the primary composer in the box office-smashing movie. He is responsible for the tunes underscoring the antihero's every profanity, and has been generous enough to share what makes his creative process tick in a recent video.

Junkie has created music for epics like Mad Max: Fury Road, The Dark Knight Rises, and 300: Rise Of An Empire. He knows what he's doing.

23 songs feature on Junkie's Deadpool soundtrack in total, with head-boppers including "X Gon' Give it to Ya" by DMX and "Shoop" by Salt-N-Pepa. These project Deadpool's unique street-smart attitude.

But the soul of the Merc with a Mouth may be better glimpsed through the music created for his character alone.

In the video he describes why he chose such gloriously groovy instruments for Wade Wilson:

"I thought it was great to use sounds and musical ideas that in the '80s were very serious, but now when you play them back are very funny.

That was the trick — we needed music that is fun but not funny."

Can you define the difference between fun and funny? You now know the answer: Deadpool's backing tracks.

Junkie then tours four retro digital synthesizers.

4. ARP 2600

First up is a clone of the ARP 2600. This demon of a machine was used for the wild "Maximum Effort" track, which would have gone down a storm at a roller disco in the '80s.

3. Oberheim

Next is what Junkie lovingly calls his "very aggressive beast." It has a name like a Viking god: Oberheim.

Oberheim — lord of lightning and disco — gained recognition through none other than Van Halen, who used it for his era-defining 1984 anthem "Jump."

Junkie said:

Deadpool has these very unique eighties revival electronic sounds.

These strike his signature sound. His synths are juxtaposed with the "noble" orchestral harmonies, horns and strings, of the music backing the Merc.

2. Synclavier I & II

Then there's a modern computer loaded with late '70s noises first emitted by iconic Synclavier machines. These proved to be highly influential in shaping the direction of electronic music.

Deadpool is basically a historical tour of synths.

1. Yamaha DX5

Finally, Junkie introduces us to a real treat: a vintage Yamaha DX5 that has survived over three decades. These bad boys were loaded with a goldmine of 32 polyphonic voices.

Perfect for coloring scenes with Deadpool sass, or as Junkie puts it: "funky, arrogant, playful, violent."

The DX5's deep-throated keys were made famous by Michael Jackson's "Bad."

Deadpool draws from the sense of mischief and freedom these musical figures represent by evoking their awesome vintage sounds.

Watch the four-minute video here:

What's your favorite sound from 'Deadpool'?

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