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(Warning — the following contains both a video and images that can be safely considered NSFW. Proceed with caution, and all that...)

Now Deadpool's marketing campaign might have already killed it (with "it" in this instance being both a whole load of box office records and some sort of imaginary, animated gun-for-hire named Muchacho), but that doesn't mean it has any intention of rest on its laurels now.

After all, not only is there a global box office to continue to absolutely dominate, but there's also the little matter of keeping the movie's many, many fans laughing all the way through to the first details of Deadpool 2's inception.

And if the quality of viral videos stays as high as they currently are, doesn't look set to be too much of a problem. After all...

The Latest 'Deadpool' Promo Video Is Hilarious (And Full Of Gratuitous, Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It Nudity)

Originally posted to Ryan Reynolds's Facebook page, the video — which is actually technically a commercial — features...

...Deadpool Answering Some Very Important Questions...

...In As Deadpool-Like A Fashion As Humanly Possible...

...While Sex Scenes Are Spliced In, 'Fight Club' Style...

...And Unhelpful Advice Is Offered Up...

...To The Point Of Eventually Breaking T.J. Miller's Spirit

Which, knowing Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds, was most likely half the incentive to make the video at all.

Next week, in a very special Deadpool promo video, Reynolds will throw live scorpions at Ed "Francis" Skrein, until forced to stop by a band of Mounties and their intrepid (deaf) huskies. While Toto plays in the background.

What? What's that? That one got cut?

Aw, man...

What do you think?


Just how many Deadpools could a Deadpool pool, if a Deadpool could pool Deadpools?

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