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In an event that would raise the heart rate of any Sith Lord or member of the Rebel Alliance, high up in the bright blue Croatian sky, opposing drones will be fighting an epic 'battle of spoilers.'

But this isn't a new plot line for Star Wars Episode VIII, far from it — it is in fact a bid to cut down on frenzied paparazzi who go to great lengths to capture footage while the movie is being filmed.

The Drone Wars

Such was the anticipation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, some eager tech-savvy types went to great lengths to obtain behind the scenes footage, going as far as using spy cameras attached to drones.

In a bid to counteract such actions for Episode VIII (working title: Space Bear), producers of the franchise will have their very own Rebel drones, ready to take on any spying devices. According to Mos Croatia the purpose is to:

"Remove the uninvited drones so that no recording can be conducted by the public."

A Real-Life Rebel Army

Two newcomers - Ridley and Boyega
Two newcomers - Ridley and Boyega

But that's not all. Filming in Croatia will begin in March, and John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, and co. will be joined by an army of 600 security guards who will have the sole aim of preventing unwanted trespassers.

In partnership with the police and government of the idyllic southern city of Dubrovnik, the efforts to prevent leaked spoilers will cost a Death Star destroying $4.3 million.

Although that sum does seem incredibly high when based purely on keeping secrets under wraps, LucasFilm and Disney can afford to loosen the purse strings. After all, The Force Awakens did gross over $2 billion worldwide.

Stop Droning On...

I've got a bad feeling about this...
I've got a bad feeling about this...

The crew were plagued by unauthorized visits during the filming of J.J. Abrams's acclaimed Episode VII. At the time, Mark Hamill told Coming Soon of the difficulties in avoiding spoilers being leaked. He said:

"There’s drones flying over the studio trying to get pictures of whatever they can get pictures of."

The extent to which the studio is willing to go perhaps suggests something big is going to go down near the Adriatic Sea. There was, of course, one huge, massive, 'noooooo' spoiler in the Force Awakens. I don't need to say. You know it by now.

Kylo Ren is a bad, bad man
Kylo Ren is a bad, bad man

Tabloids the world over would love to get their hands on some exclusive snaps of any events on the same scale. But come on, where is the fun in that?

'Star Wars Episode VIII' has a release date of December 15, 2017. That seems like forever.

What major plot points would you like to see in 'Episode VIII'?

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