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Finally! The cast of Friends reunited on Sunday for Must See TV: A Tribute To James Burrows, and it was as heartwarming and nostalgia filled as we'd hoped it would be.

Source: Friends
Source: Friends

But for six people that we basically watched sit down on a couch for 10 years straight, they seemed to really struggle to seat themselves. You can watch the whole segment of the special Friends feature here (the seating panic sets in around 3:31).

It starts out with an adorable montage of some of the funniest clips from the show. Then, Matthew Perry drops in from London via a prerecorded video, in which he says he wishes he could be there in person, before introducing his friends, who just happen to be the cast of Friends.

Then Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer make their way to the stage. As they approach the couch, they become temporarily perplexed as to what exactly they're supposed to do next.

Kudrow starts off strong, taking a seat all the way to the right before anyone else gets on stage.

But then she second-guesses herself and gets up again for no discernible reason, while Cox and Aniston turn back and forth in utter confusion.

Aniston gives LeBlanc a little shove so she can sit next to BFF Cox.

But Joey is not messing around. He sneaks in there ahead of Aniston, and lightly tosses her to his left so she has to sit on the end.

Props to Schwimmer for remembering how to take a seat, even outside of Central Perk.

As the interview goes on, host Andy Cohen asks the cast if they had to sign contracts saying that they wouldn't sleep with each other.

Schwimmer responds, "Well that was broken!" and Kudrow says, "I was not asked to sign anything like that."

We also learn that TV director Burrows gave the cast his dressing room so that they could play poker together, and they ended up writing an episode about it!

Source: Friends
Source: Friends

Then we find out that the girls ate lunch together every day for 10 years. The go-to meal? A Jennifer Salad. And they do finally explain how they could afford that gorgeous apartment: Monica inherited it from her grandmother, and it was rent controlled.

Source: Friends
Source: Friends

Not ready to say good-bye just yet? If you haven't seen it, check out this story featuring a clip that got deleted from the final interview.

What was your favorite part of the interview?

Image Source: Must See TV: A Tribute To James Burrows


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