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Despite Daryl and Rick only just returning to Alexandria, it looks like they'll be back on the road again in The Walking Dead Episode 11 of Season 6, "Knots Untie." But this time I doubt we can expect as much hilarity.

Though we have almost a full week until the next episode, AMC has delivered us our usual two promos for Episode 11, so first take a look at the 30-second promo for the whole episode before scrolling down for the longer sneak peek at a scene.

The promo opens with Jesus taking a painting off the wall before Carl bursts in with a gun, cooly asking, "What the hell are you doing in our house?"

Carl meets Jesus
Carl meets Jesus

After Jesus claims the group "got off to a bad start," Abraham, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Rick and a few others pile into the RV and head out the gates to an unknown destination.

The gang hits the road
The gang hits the road

We see the group walking along a worn path, including one person limping along, looking like they've injured their knee...

Where are they going?
Where are they going?

We hear Jesus promise that "the world's about to get a whole lot bigger," and Daryl sees signs of battle out the window of the RV.

What has Daryl seen?
What has Daryl seen?

Finally, the group seems to be inside a house or building, checking the place out for signs of the living, or living dead. As the promo ends, we hear Rick tell Jesus, "If this is a trick, it won't end well for ya."

Damn! Looks pretty intense.

From what I can make of the teaser, it's been jumbled up to build the tension, but here's my best guess: After the group talks with Jesus in Alexandria, he convinces them to accompany him somewhere, most likely back to his own camp (which comic readers will be familiar with, and if you'd like to know more, take a look over here.) Of course, after Jesus repeatedly tricked Daryl and Rick during Sunday's episode, who knows what kind of shenanigans he might be planning this time around?

Alright, with the 30-second promo out of the way, let's take a look at our one-minute sneak peek:

Wow, was it just me or did there seem to be a little something going on between these two?

After Sasha and Abraham teamed up at the start of Season 6 to drive the walkers away from Alexandria, it looks like their friendship kicked up a gear — but did it even move past friendship? Either way, it looks like Sasha might be putting a stop to whatever is developing by giving her patrol to Eugene and taking a new post.

WARNING: Theorizing about possible spoilers below, keep scrolling unless you want to know!

Now, this is where comic readers will be starting to freak out because, in the comic series, when Eugene and Abraham are together on an outing outside Alexandria, Abraham ends up being shot and killed by one of Negan's men named Dwight. While I'm not 100 percent sure this is what the TV series will do, you gotta admit it looks like this could be in the cards.

Eugene taking on a more active role around Alexandria can only be a good thing, and after last week's episode it's obvious that the man with the mullet is more than capable.

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 11, 'Knots Untie' on Sunday, February 28 on AMC.

What do you think we can expect to see in Episode 11?


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