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If you're getting impatient for Batman v Superman, you've probably gone through the trailers, the Comic-Con trailer, TV spots, previews, and the like a few times already, scrolling through new YouTube videos in hope of catching a few seconds of footage you might have missed.

Thankfully, YouTube user M1llion has made our lives much easier by compiling all the released sequences so far into one big supercut. They're even in chronological order!

'Batman v Superman' Runtime Is 2 Hours 31 Minutes

Even though the video reveals quite a few elements about the movie, these nine minutes won't tell you the whole story. In addition, it was announced on Monday that the runtime for Batman v Superman would be 2 hours and 31 minutes, just three minutes longer than Man of Steel.

"Psychotic Is A Three Syllable Word For Any Thought Too Big For Little Minds"

The trailers also don't reveal Aquaman and The Flash, but we get a good look at Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Jesse Eisenberg's lunatic portrayal of Lex Luthor.

Who Will Win?

Let's not forget that the full title of the movie is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although it starts with Batman taking on Superman, encouraged by fears that the superhero's power can't be controlled, the main threat resides in Doomsday. If they want to defeat Lex Luthor and save Metropolis, our heroes will have to learn to set aside their differences.

A Competitive Month For Superhero Movies

While Deadpool continues to exceed all box office expectations, it's got two competitors on the horizon, one being Batman v Superman, whose release is scheduled for March 25th.

The official final trailer turned out like this:

Which outcome do you predict for 'Batman v Superman'?

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